Define Nikes Meaning

what people were on there feet. Mostly skuxx people.

fresh nikes skuxx
By Lanie
An American shoe company that makes atheletic wear that includes shoes, shirts, shorts etc. Their logo is a checkmark and their motto is "JUST DO IT". The shoes were made famous especially by Michael Jordan.

Steve: Nice shoes!
Greg: Yeah they're NIKEs.
By Krystal

They work me like nike.
By Selinda
In ancient Greece, NIKE was the winged goddess of victory. She was the daughter of Pallas and Styx.

"To win glory, stepping into the chariot of honoured Nike: for to one man only does the goddess grant to jump into her great carriage." -Greek Lyric III Simonides
By Jenni

I niked a 45 on a math test.
By Kandace
Nike It!
When you tell someone to just go ahead and just do it, regardless of their objections.

She told me the word was misspelled, but that's how the client wanted it, so I told her to just "Nike it!"
By Rebecka
A brand of shoe that is worn by everyone because of MJ. They are made by underpaid Indonesian children.

person 1-Wanna hear a joke?

person 2-Sure

person 1- How much does it cost for 4,000 children to make a pair of NIKE shoes?

person 2-I don't know.

person 1-NONE!!! ALL YOU NEED IS A WHIP!!!

Person 1 & 2- hahahahahahaha
By Erina
a word used in loo of the phrase "Just Do It"

Im scared of asking her to prom

Nike scott, stop being a pussy.
By Matilde
To just do something, to take action into one's hands.

Guy 1 "Hey man, I don't think my demo's good enough to try and get public."

Guy 2 " Yo, man, just nike that shit!"
By Shawna
Literally to arse-rape, but most often used figuratively in a jocular sense to mean swindled, conned, or cheated.

On his revelation of the inordinate sum he had paid for his trainers, she laughingly explained that he had been niked.
By Shannen