Define No Clue Meaning

Not to have an idea

Can you guess who it is? not-a-clue.
By Beth
A synonym for an erection.

"My clue was so huge, I almost spewed clue-goo all over Joe."
By Jordana
Something to look for in order to solve a mystery or puzzle of some sort.

During the scavenger hunt, Braydon found a clue on his gf's facebook page. He found it as a subtitle in one of her earlier profile pictures. This clue would help him solve the scavenger hunt mystery!
By Tate
No Clue There
A comical way of implying that the way someone is at the moment is the way they are all the time.

"Hey, I think Joe's drunk."

"No clue there."
By Anastassia
Used by jokers on the internet to refer to an erection.

"Yeah she gave me a clue. She gave me a RAGING CLUE!"

By Cthrine

Clients watch Sherlock get close and personal with Clue.
Client: What is he doing?
Watson: He's clueing for looks.
By Lindy
Also known as Cluedo in England (were it originated)

Is a classic "whodunit" board game. The players try to find out who killed Mr. Bobby in his own estate. The original game consists of:

*9 rooms (Hall, Lounge, dinning room, kitchen, ballroom, conservatory, billiard room, library, and study)

*6 weapons (rope, wrench, candle stick, revolver, knife, and a lead pipe)

*6 characters

Dr. Black/Mr. Bobby- The murdered character

Professor Plum- The intellectual absent-minded professor

Mrs. Peacock- elder, wealthy and attractive dame whose been widowed one too many times.....

Mr. Green- The hypocritical evangelist or tycoon (in some versions)

Mrs. White- The frazzled maid

Colonel Mustard- The military man

Miss Scarlet- Sexy and cunning. The stock femme fatale character (my personal fav)

***On August 8, 2008, Hasbro redesigned and updated (changed) the board, characters, weapons, and rooms.

Player: "I can never win Clue. I have no idea who the killer could be"

Me: "I suggest it was Miss Scarlet, in the lounge, with a revolver"
By Yvonne
A euphemism for an erect penis. Used almost exclusively to refer to having achieved an erection in a socially awkward circumstance (see example).

Etmyology: the usage of this term was coined by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Priest: "We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of our dear beloved-,"

John: "Psst! Joe! I've got a total raging clue! Create a distraction!"

Joe: "Fire! Fire!"

John (nine minutes later in a men's cubicle): "Aaaaah..."
By Bridie
word used in place of a positive adjective or noun you cant think of at the time.

By Erminia
Clue In
To pick up on or sense another’s thought. Usually based on a. knowledge of the person or type of person and context of the situation and b. the ability to read body signals.

The ability to catch on to something without knowing the background.

Entering a conversation midstream and understanding immediately the gist of it.

I knew what he was going to say that, I just sort of “clue in”.
By Kerry