Define Rainy Day Meaning

Rainy Day
When you jizz and piss at the same time or just before to increase your load

Hey Dave your girl just got a rainy day from jimmy
By Morgen
Rainy Day
A Rainy Day is a girl (or guy) who you call up when you're bored and have nobody else to call over for a hook-up. When it's rainy outside, and you don't want to go out and find a girl, you call your rainy day over and hope that by the time it's over, the sun is out for her to leave.

It's been raining all day and it's not like I'm going out to the bar like this, lemme call Delilah over for a Rainy Day hook up.
By Alena
Rainy Day
When you're about to cum you stand on a table and get your girl to lie on the ground and your spray it over her

Guy: bitch there is gonna be a rainy day tonight *wink wink*
Girl: giggles or some shit I dont know
By Verene
Rainy Day
When you jizz in someones jacket hood without them knowing and they put it on.

Tony after stealing keith's jacket jizzed in the hood before he put it on. Giving him a nice rainy day
By Lyda
Rainy Day

Can’t wait to go home and rainy day!
By Deidre
Rainy Day File
Rainy Day File: A folder on your computer to store pics of Hawt! ass ladys mostly celebrities to later fap to.

This was thought up one day by the guys over at to express there love for hot ladys.

To have a folder on the computer to show love thanks to girls who are not ugly, or who have a fucked up face.

Man theres nothing to do. Time to browse the rainy day file.
By Edie
Rainy Day Syndrome
Often abbreviated to RDS.
Rainy Day Syndrome is the instance where one has exhausted the supply of fun within one's household and begins to feel compelled to venture outdoors.

Guy: "Let's see....I've been on the PC and have been on various websites and contracted various viruses....I've tried to breed the cat and the dog....and I've experimented on hobos...I think I'll go outside".

Hobo: "Thanks to that kid's Rainy Day Syndrome, I now have 8 fingers on each hand and a rather large phallus protruding from my spinal cord".
By Millie
Rainy Day Savings

My mother tried to impose rainy day savings in order to pay for my older brother's university tuition.
By Edithe
Rainy Day Hoe
A person that is called upon even less often than your normal booty call; a slump-buster. The last resort.

Tommy couldn't get his usual fix from his normal booty call, so he was forced to call his rainy day hoe to get the job done.
By Johna
British Rainy Day
When a man ejaculates on a female’s glasses, and then wipes his penis on them, like on a car’s windscreen wiper.

Hey George, did you hear about Mark giving Emily a “British rainy day”?
By Deonne