Define Small Meaning


your cock is small
By Concordia

50 dick hella small
By Annice
Currency in terms of hundreds of dollars. "Five small" = $500. "Five large" = $5,000.

"How much did you win at the casino last night?"

"I won five small" ($500)
By Joyce

A) i'm looking for a small, how much?
B) it'll be 30 (dollars)
By Marguerite
High or intoxicated on a drug. Originated from the Steve Martin skit: "Let's Get Small"

Let's get small off this weed.
By Claresta
Irish world describing something that is good or big. Used to describe a good thing.

"That was a small shit I had"

"We drank a small amount of beer"

"Jesus, she is small great"
By Dareen
irritating. usually when a short person is the one being irritating

{your younger brother is p*ssing you off}
"Stop being so small!"
By Devin
It's a small word to describe something not very big. Also I only made this to see what it would say on a mug.

bob: billy you are small
billy: do you mean that in a bad way
bob: yes
billy: NOOOOO
By Marcelia

By Christabella
Useful in sarcasm for describing something that goes beyond expectations, is deserving of praise, or is otherwise a good thing(tm).

Opposite of large.
Usually used with prefixes such as "rather" and "particulary" to emphasise the sarcasm.

Can be used to sarcastically refer to large physical size, but not limited to this use.

Benny: Dude I think I've just scored on the lottery
Jack: Dude that would be particulary small, let me see those numbers!

Jenny: Did you see the size of that truck that passed us?
Mary: Yeah it was *rather* small.
By Issy