Define So Cool Meaning

So Cool
The thing that everyone knows about but can not explain. It happened one time, it may never be repeated, can be used to engage in secret conversation about the subject to someone else who knows of its origins.

Guy 1: "Dude, it's really cold today!"
Guy 2: "So cool."
Guy 1: "Let's go somewhere private, I don't think Guy 3 knows."
By Haley
Cj So Cool
A YouTuber from Gary, Indiana with almost 5.1 million subscribers and lives in a 15,210 square ft mansion in Henderson, Nevada that he calls "So Cool Land"

By Hildy
Cj So Cool
Cj so cool is the best YouTube ever. He helps people stay focused in school or career. He has a beautiful and loving family. His family is a he best and happiest family on youtube.

Cj so cool is the best.
By Tomasina
Mr So Cool
Mr so cool is just so cool

-You hear of Mr so cool?

-Yeah I hear he's pretty cool
By Marlo
Wow Sarah, Why You Look So Cool Dude?
Sarah is such a cool person that when you see her you can't resist opening your mouth and say: "Wow Sarah, why you look so cool dude?"

Wow Sarah, why you look so cool dude?
Wow! Sarah why you look so cool dude?
Dude wow?! Sarah why you look so cool
By Delia
Ninjas Are So Cool They Make Me Wanna Crap My Pants T-shirt
Kinda self explanitory... i think, therefore I am!

"Dude, I just got my 'ninja's are so cool they make me wanna crap my pants t-shirt' I'm so happy, and need to change my pants!"
By Bridget
Ved Is So Cool
Ved is so cool he is so cool

By Lissi
Ved Is So Cool
ved is the coolest guy

By Corliss