Define Speculate Meaning

verb-the process of busting a nut on a good looking girls face...usually used when when a significant other is nearby.

....."I would speculate her," or as you hold hands with your girl and a good looking woman walks by, you nod to your boys and simply say, "speculate."
By Tabina
Assuming something before really knowing.

People be speculating too much.
By Alisha
A combination of the words speculate and analyze; speculative analysis.

Given what we've learned up to this point, speculize what our next steps should be.
By Alyson
person who invests in a risky venture, in the hope of making a large profit.

Stop being a speculator, i don't want to buy porn for 10$s.
By Maxi
an offshoot combination of "to speculate" and "curious", most often used to refer to when you call bs on someone's story but are still going to listen to it anyways

"i'm speculous about joe's story from the doctor"

"did he say he doesn't have AIDS"

"yeah, i let him ramble on but i call bs"
By Joella
An unidentified substance, resembling jizz, that appears somewhere it is not normally found.

"You have some speculation in the corner of your mouth."
"No, I was just eating some ranch wings."
By Adelind
When you make a spec out of you, and some guy named lation.

See, that's the thing with speculation. You make a spec out of you, and some guy named lation.
By Eddi
Speculate To Accumulate
A phrase used by potential profiteers to remind prospective investors that returns can only come from good investment. Really a buzzword (or buzzphrase) to get money from others to squander on fruitless and flowerly ideas. See European union, Belgium.

"Speculate to accumulate!" cried John, asking steve for the last crispy notes in his wallet. Eyeing up the tail at the bar, steve gladly turned over the contents of his wallet to John, who promptly brought the ladies a drink each. After some thirty minutes, John threw up over one of the fine females, making the money a write off due to his poor ability to handle drink. Steve's brother then started to insult one of the lasses, and they stormed off.
By Ailene
Someone who seems straight, but is actually gay.

Tyson turned out to be hetero-speculative, as I heard he was in the pride parade yesterday.
By Rheba
Speculative Fiction
A genre of fiction that encompasses works with supernatural or futuristic elements.

The most notable genres of speculative fiction include fantasy, science fiction, horror, utopian, dystopian, alternate history, apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, superhero and supernatural

The word "speculative fiction" was coined by American sci-fi author Robert A. Heinlein
By Janaya