Define Wings Meaning

Alternative to wheels, aka a guy's ability to talk to women (with success of course).

Coined by CS & MH on July 22nd, 2010.

Dude, that guy has such big wings - he gets all the girls.
By Frances
A system of rating sexual activity. The following colours are commonly used.

Pink - Sex with a white person
Black - Sex with a black person
White - Sex with a virgin
Red - Sex with a woman who is having her period
Brown - Anal sex
Green - Sex with someone who has an STD
Yellow - "Watersports"
Silver - Sex with an O.A.P
Blue - Sex with a dead person

By Jenn
A system of rating sexual experience. Wings are awarded for certain acts (like in the Air Force etc.)
White Wings
Brown Wings
Red Wings
Gold Wings

contravercially also:
Pink Wings
Purple Wings

"What are you smiling about?"
"I got my pink wings last night..."
By Almire
The Hells Angels used to have Black Wings also, The act of eating out a black woman. This would have to be varified from another member, for example by looking over the toilet cubicle.
See Wings system

By Marlene
a horrible occurance where a person wears hats frequently and gets a case of hat hair where the hair that stays out of the hat sticks out in a wing like fashion.

matt: that kid has the mean wings
By Arlana
a) A band with ex-beatle Paul McCartney
b) One's ability to fly aircraft or helicopters
c) arms perpendicular to the body that allow something to fly

a) wings suck
b) get your wings!
c) aeroplane without wings?!?!?!?!
By Kellsie
Owning a Dean guitar. The slogan used by the awesome guitar making company playing on the dean logo which is the word DEAN with wings coming out of the D and N

1. The Dean ML is 30 years old this year - Isn't it time you got your wings?

2. Shredder: DUDE! I just got my wings! A Dean Razorback Inferno!
Shredder 2: Sweet! that explains the awesomness radiating from you!
By Kelsi
eating a girl out is white wings
eating a bleeding girl out (which is nasty) is getting your red wings.

Random Guy:"So you got your wings?"
Lesbian Girl:"Hell yea cant you see them?"
By Randee
As an alcoholic beverage served with ice is referred to as being "on the rocks", a beverage mixed with Red bull is described as "having wings."

"I'll have a glass of Smirnoff and Red Bull on the rocks please".

"One Smirnoff on the rocks with wings. Here you are sir"
By Fiann
In reference to the wings system, there is also a hyperhtetical Green Wings.
The act of having penetrable sex with a womman up her nose. This is only possible if she has a missing septum, often due to cocaine use. British TV star Danniella Westbrooke suffered this condition.

I got my green wings the other night with Sarah.
By Idaline