Define The Enemy Meaning

The Enemy
a rock band whose songs vary from song to song, they have lyrics that make sense and are real life situation.

they sing songs you may have heard of:
had enough
away from here
we'll live and die in these towns

I want to go and see the enemy in concert!!!
By Crystal
Enemy Enemy
This can be used When a noob sees a non teammate player in Apex Legend

Walid: oh oh oh, enemy enemy!
Nordine: I don't care, shut up please!
By Alvina
The state of being one's enemy; having the traits of an enemy.

Joe's enemious grin made each passerby feel unyielding hate.
By Bunni
1. A former friend or acquaintance whose company is no longer considered to be beneficial to a relationship.
2. One who is deemed or deems him/herself to be of more use to another as an adversary as apposed to an ally.

"Every enemy I have my government made for me."
By Stefanie
the act of friending somone who hates you on facebook ,knowing it will cause them to get angry and or violent.

i was bored so i started enemying an ex of mine
By Freddy
Someone you hate who hates you back.

A: Be quiet, enemy.
B: I'm the who now?
A: 'lo C.
C: 'lo A.
By Gabriella
Our one, main, enemy is Voldemort. We must hunt him down with wild packs of dogs and Ginny Weasley. She has some mean attack spells

Voldemort just needs to die. He is the enemy. Enough said.
By Eadie
Knowing who common enemies are can be more helpful than looking for common ground with other people.

There is no common ground between you and your enemies, and they don't want you to wake up and fight, they want you to wake up and compromise/follow orders.
By Heath
Cockney Slang (Not rhyming) for a man's wife.

Geezer: "A'wight John, you fancy a beano down to Margate next week?"

John: "Ahhhh, sounds great, but can't do mucker, I promised the enemy I'd take her to Cornwall for our anniversary, she's blow a fuse if I end up on a piss up with the lads again"


Geezer: "C'ya later John, give my love to the enemy, won'cha?
By Em
sum1 that u despise and is the oposer of wot u believe in, often an ex friend

neds, nicola boyle and mr mcniel
By Terrie