Define You Owe Me Meaning

You Owe Me
When girlfriend wants a little sexiepoo.

You owe me one boyfriend
By Mollee
You Owe Me A Treat !
It can mean any of these
1)you will a take the person out for a nice meal .
2)you will treat the person nicely in return of a favor that he/she did

I Helped you fix your bike and therefore "you owe me a treat !"
By Lynea
You Owe Me Head
To use your mouth on some else’s sex organs to give them pleasure

By Alisha
You Owe Me A Beer
When two people are in conversation and they say the same thing at the same person says you owe me a beer!!

Sara:Did you see that?
Kristin: What?
Sara:That man looked like he had a turd on his pants
Kristin and Sara: Thats hot!
Sara:You owe me a beer!!
By Meade
You Owe Me 50 Cents
If a friend says to you 'you owe me 50 cents' it means you have had sexual intercouse with someone that they have had sex with in the past.

Bill: I had sex with Sarah on Tuesday
Sam: Oh mate, you owe me 50 cents.
By Corry
You Owe Me 78 Dollars
"You owe me 78 dollars" is a phrase used when sarcastically demanding financial compensation, when it is completely inappropriate. Legend has it that the amount of $78 is based on a true story, where a bill for car maintenance was split between the members of a road trip, to fix damage that occurred a year after the trip.

Jack: Aw man, I just got a photo radar! You owe me 78 dollars!
Kate: Why?! You're the one driving!
Jack: Yeah, but you're in the car too. I'll send you a paypal invoice.

Hugo: Dude, try the sushi. It's awesome.
Sawyer: Okay, but if I don't like it you owe me 78 dollars.
By Cherry
Jinx, You Owe Me A Soda
This is a fraise said when two people simultaneously say the same word or reference. You can also counter-fraise it by saying, β€˜Soda machine is out of order, please put in another quarter’

β€œI really want ice cream!” They both exclaimed. β€œJinx, You owe me a soda!” April giggles.
By Sarena