Define An Internet Meaning

An Internet
The phrase used by someone that thinks there are more than one internet

Hey Ryan, why don't we go get on an internet and buy some Cub tickets?
By Abigael
A virtual place where everyone feels they have the right to force their opinions, offend, and engage in verbal barbarism between other users

MyGrammarSucks: Can I haz 2 bucks pl0x
TrollGuy6969: No
MyGrammarSucks:Whai?? :(
TrollGuy6969:Because your grammar sucks
MyGrammarSucks: fuck u man go suck a dick
*Admin 1337 ban hammers 'MyGrammarSucks' from the internet*
By Vinita
a cesspool network of insults, porn, shit, lame ass death threats, and pointless arguments over stupid topics that nobody can win, like music.

examples of the shit on the internet: youtube,, any chatroom, blogs in general, any comments on anything, porn sites, etc...
By Fifine
a huge network of online information, the internet is commonly used for masturbating, venting hatred, narcissism, procrastination and general life wasting. excessive use can stunt your personality and send you blind.

what im doing right never get these 3 minutes back because of this fucking internet thing
By Wynne
the one place where everyone is a hardass.

hardass 1: im gunna fuck your mom tonight. hardass 2: fuck you bitch im gunna kick your ass.. over the internet.
By Teresa
A vast tundra of knowledge, now corrupted and slowly imploding on itself. Those caught on the outskirts enter a void of stupidity and insecurity. Eventually, it will completely cave in on itself, and then explode with such force, we will all be sent to an information oblivion. Random bits of intelligence will float amongst vast oceans of idiocy, and all of man kind will commit suicide in a futile effort to repent for creating such a weapon of mass destruction. God will not accept their sacrifice, and everyone will go to hell, where Satan will get pissed off at the extreme overpopulation of his facilities, and send everyone to someplace copletely unihabitable, like Utah.

The four horsemen of the apocalypse crashed my unix server. Lol internet.
By Melany
Something President Push hears rumors on. It is suspected that these internets are hidden from the rest of the world, cause we can only find one so far.

"I hear that there are rumors on the...uh...internets..." -Bush
By Evangelin
To make use of the Internet, For finding information or other.

"according to my Internetting this book is available ."

"I think i might just buy it and see! Meant to be good according to my internetting."
By Sybil
welcome to the internet, where men are men, women are men, and little girls are FBI agents.

By Marylee
The largest insane asylum in existence, run and managed by the inmates.

The inmates Arkham Asylum seem sane and reasonable compared to the people on the Internet.
By Darelle