Define Are We Meaning

Are We
its not getting any more complicated nor simpler than this.

By Dari
There We Are Then
A way of calling someone a t**t without them realising. The insult is hidden as the acronym.

A: The Prime Minister's gone back on his election promises again.
B: There we are then.
By Therine
No We
This is only used as a last resort if you're cornered and someone has already hit you with a "u colossal gay". Satan himself fears the use of this word, and forbids any mortals to use it.

bully: i'm here to bully you >:)
you: u mom gay
bully: no u
you: u dad lesbian
bully: ur granny tranny
you: ur grandpap a trap
bully: ur sister a mister
you: ur brother a mother
bully: ur family tree LGBT
bully: and u colossal gay

you: NO WE
all life in the universe is turned into ash and the universe implodes leaving all of the spirits of the dead to roam the endless darkness OF THE VOID.
By Celinka
World ending stupidity. Something so stupid, that the world just might end.

Dude! I just had a brilliant idea! Let's get drunk and rob a bank!

That sounds like a WES dude.
By Mechelle
Wes It
When one smokes the entire or the rest of the bong bowl in one hit.

Guy 1: "Yo, did you just Wes it?"

Guy 2: "Yeah man, don't worry i'll pack you one."
By Merrilee
A dick poo and a testical fart

P.s not from someone u know

By Amii

-No i was just explaining it to you.
=Offfcccccccc suuurrrreeee :)
- We-
By Sonny
We Be
Slang for 'we are'.

We be goin' to tha sto'
By Harmonia

By Timmi
Conjuction of We and Is. Obviously improper grammer, but it's meaning is clear.

We's gonna pregame before the show.
By Fulvia