Define Bamboozled Meaning

To be tricked or swindled by another via intentional manipulation or deceptive practices.

I told my wife not to go car shopping without me but she didn't listen. As a result, the salesman bamboozled her into buying a car she doesn't need and can't afford.
By Moll
the best board game in the world. it's currently not in production and no one knows how to play it, but it looked awesome on 'friends'.

"let's play 'bamboozled'!!"
By Keeley
A term used to describe an ambush involving bamboo shoots.

To avoid getting bamboozled, it is recommended one wear heavy armor and protective eye gear.
By Shayla
To get Drunk and have a great time

Lets get fucking bamboozled tonight fellas
By Charil

billy: look its superman
ethan: 'looks'
billy: ha there is no superman, get bamboozled
ethan: 'has a instant stroke and fucking dies'
By Joan
BAMBOOZLED ! when you get scared and shit your pants. and a baboon comes out and attacks from the behind



you bamboozled me !

AHH baboon coming for me !
By Mae
When you're really surprised about stupid shit. The most widely used term in North America for being surprised. Infact its origins are from Mexico. Don't be surprised if your stupid friend says. Cuz if you are then you're genuinely retarded because this word will seriously surprise you.

I was bamboozled when Trump won the elctions.
"You did me the bamboozle"
By Lorrayne
when you are surprised or ashtonished. see dazedstoned or high

man, im bamboozled
that shit got me bamboozled
By Joellen
youv'e been bamboozled.

your wife/girlfreind has cheated on u. uv had a practical joke played on u. u hav an accident.
By Lorenza
Screwed up deeply twice by viet cong employer changing salary policy everyday. You keep smiling motherfuker!

I sell you my fake stocks my dear bamboozled friend. Dead line in three hours motherfuker!
By Cindie