Define Belated Meaning

to be late, delayed

Often used as a way of saying something past the actual event.

By Linea
a word that people use when they forget things instead of saying i'm sorry.

happy belated birthday = shit, sorry i forgot your birthday
By Marthena

You can't delay a moment,
this package is not to be belate.
By Judi

i'm here for the belation of your birthday.
By Roxine
When your coffee comes late, making you miss the bus.

Boss man: You're late!

Serf: In your eye, skipper. My coffee was belatted.

Boss man: Be-what?

Serf: Ugh, google it, mofo. Also get a coffee machine.
By Agretha

The combination of being late and being high from marijuana.

In other words, showing up blazed and late.

The two coincide; the reason that one is late is due to that person being blazed.

I was so belated to my class, that I didn't even understand the lecture.

I would've known my que for drama class, if I hadn't been so belated.
By Jacqui
Happy Belated
when its about a week after your birthday and someone barely finds out so they tell you Happy belated.

Brittney: it was courtneys birthday last week !
Kandy: It was?

Brittney: Yeah!
*Courtney walks in*
Kandy: omg! Happy Belated!
Courtney: thanks!
By Maritsa
Belated Birthday
Saying Happy Belated Birthday is a really gay way of saying i forgot your birthday. Either man up and say sorry i forgot your birthday or tell them the truth, that you don't give a shit that it was their birthday.

guy 1) Dude Happy Belated Birthday
guy 2) So you're saying you forgot my birthday
guy 1) well...?
guy 2) You're a Fag
By Gracia
Belated Goodnight
A term used when a person forgot to say goodnight to a person the night before. Related to the phrase belated birthday it serves for the same general purpose. It is most commonly used through text.

Stella forgot to say goodnight to Eric so she quickly sent "belated goodnight!(:"
By Catlin
Prematurely Belated
The act of being precisely on time without being late or early.

I watched as our waitress prematurely belated everyone's food.
By Darice