Define Decent Meaning

another word to use for "good", because "good" is so played out.

Man, I'm decent... I mean come on.
By Marlee
In the late 70's and early 80's, decent was the equivilant to the standard current usage of "awesome" or "cool".

Aww...that mustang is decent!
By Giulietta
A word every fucking person in the entire goddamn world uses to describe absolutely everything that isn't bad.

Bro: You saw that new movie? How was it?
Sis: It was decent.

Bro: How was the food at that restaurant?
Sis: Decent.

Bro: How's that book you're reading?
Sis:'s decent.

Bro: Get a thesaurus, please.
Sis: Hey, that's a decent idea. I bet there are some decent alternatives to "decent."

Bro: ಠ_ಠ
By Kaylyn

"That sandwich was decent."
By Ardisj
A way of saying you have clothes on, not nekkid or naked.

Dude 1: "You naked, dude?"
Dude 2: "Naw, man. I'm decent."
By Sherilyn
another word for 'standard' or 'OK' looking.

fren: did u link dat boy
person: ye yesterday
fren: skeeen was he buff:
person: he was decent, wiv a ova sweet personality so im kinda on him
By Roshelle
not quite good, yet not quite bad

{If you just played a trick on someone} Man, I'm decent.
By Rivi
a all purpose word that would basically explain how someone looks or how your feeling.

Dat gurl was Decent. ( you would put a ugly sound on decent, but if she is fine you would put a hype sound on decent)
By Charo
a nice way to say someone is not cute

Girl 1: What did your blind date look like?

Me: Umm, he was decent.
By Marcile
decent can be used as an alternative to the word SAFE when saying hello or goodbye to ones peers.

"Yeh i'll check you later.decent yeh"

"Decent Seize, what you under fam?"
By Zsazsa