Define Genitalia Meaning


Ive got warts all over my ass and genitalia.
By Fanchon

the rest of the genitalia burger is probably newspape
By Matilde

"Hay alookatim hes his hedriving a genitalia" said the Italian man
By Leta

Rebecuh is so Genitalia.
By Morganica
The act of being Genitaled.

My gonads wreak of cheese.
By Darya
Gelato Genitalia
An act of a man or woman sticking their genitals into ice cream. Usually used during foreplay.

I gave Alicia a little taste of my gelato genitalia!
By Dione
Genitalia Paraphernalia
A classy ‘dick pic’ or picture of ones genitalia

Person 1: ‘Would you like some genitalia paraphernalia?’
Person 2:‘No, but thank you for asking first. Very classy of you.’
By Emalia
Female Genitalia
its a womans private part... the vagina you idiot!!!!

the penis is inserted into the female genitalia
By Adrian
Male Genitalia
A very gay thing invented by socialist nazis to find out if someone is going to wash or shit, piss, jerk off, fuck, have sex and sword fight

Tom: Oh hey Tim
Tim: Oh hey Tom
Tom: Do you have a Male Genitalia
Tim: No
Tom: K
By Juline
Mutant Genitalia
Having a Nigerian sized penis while at the same time having the body of an eleven year old. it's a pretty horrific sight when someone with mutant genitalia is completely nude.

"Dude, did you see George in gym today? His mutant genitalia is so disgusting!"
By Lou