Define In The Mood Meaning

Used to express that something is relatable. Similar to 'Same,' but 'Mood' became more common around 2016.

If something is especially relatable, one might say 'Big Mood.' This implies that your whole being is one and the same with whatever you are commenting on.

(commenting on a photo of a cat who looks super lazy) Mood af

2017 mood = self care and positive visualization

(caption on photoset of Keanu Reeves looking mad existential) big mood
By Polly

“I was rejected again”

By Ronica
When your friend says something relatable and to you, it explains life

Friend lays down on the floor
me: Mood
By Victoria
In The Mood

James: Hey, you in the mood?
Amy: Hell yeah, let's do it.
By Stacia
That’s A Mood
when someone does something (normally to mimic another) and is very relatable

Jeff: *falls asleep in class*
Lucy: “That’s a mood!”
By Adan
Similar to “Same!”, “That is So me!”, or “That’s so relatable!” Mood is used when someone says a phrase or something does and action that you relate to. It is used more commonly nowadays, confusing the older generations.
Sometimes the word big is added to it, to express how much you relate to whatever was said or happened.

Take this scene right here:

Person A: I want to stab myself
Person B: Mood. But stab me first ok?

Or this one perhaps:

Item: *falls over*
Person A: Oh big mood.
By Melisande
In A Mood
A bitchy or pissed-off attitude towards the whole of humankind. Often expressed through whining, cussing and snapping gestures. Usually pertains solely to the female gender and/or twinks.

Tyrone: Hey Tay, you want some popcorn?

Shantay: You best shut yo mouth before I cut you!

Tyrone: Damn gurl, you in a mood!
By Aurie
1) feeling a certain way towards something you want
2) making your emotion a verb

1) Today.. I am mooding some CORNDOGS!
2) I woke up good mooding this morning and it feels amaaaazing.
By Claresta
That's A Mood
1) Phrase used mainly by white girls in an attempt to relate to something.
2) War cry of the Starbucks baristas

Tumblr: *emo post*
Everyone: Bruh that's a mood!
By Denice
When you can really relate to something someone is saying.

Girl 1: I just looked at old pictures of myself and then I looked in the mirror... I'm still waiting for that glo-up
Girl2: That's a mood.
By Grethel