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Message Board
A website in which, contrary to the popular beliefs of the newbies, is not a chat room.

Also known as a forum, message boards are much slower than the average chat room.
By Delila
Message Board
Web based forum for posting opinions and argument - mostly of an irrelevant nature

urban 75 is the UK's premiere message board
By Brenn
Message Board
A great way to express your opinions, but unlike a chatroom, there are usaully less n00bz, people act more intelligently, and the screen doesn't get flooded with replies like so many chatrooms do. Often called forums. is a message board, just a VERY slow one.
By Cecilla
Message Board
"Arguing on the internet is like running in the special olymoics, enen if you win you're still retarded!" -Some picture

That pretty much sums it up. The most futile activity in the world is trying to argue on the internet, because rather than real life where you actually engage the person, the internet has not advanced so far.

Another problem is that anyone can have access to the internet, so even if you post a sincere message, some degenerate little snot is always waiting with a smart alecky comment and a smiley, which according to them constitutes an actual argument. What's even worse, there are often a pack of idiots waiting to agree with them.

Here's an example:

quote="Me"And that's why I believe the Bible. /quote

quote="Idiot 1"You believe a book of fairy tales! /quote

quote="Idiot 2"HaHa! It's so true! /quote

Now, do you think I'm going to make any sort of breakthrough with these posters? No, that is impossible. And don't even try to back up your point with any evidence. If you post a link, they'll just say:

quote="Idiot"That source is clearly biased, it can't be trusted! /quote

Of course an unbiased source is impossible, everyone favours one thing or another. Another way is to merely cut and paste the info, but then they'll say:

quote="Idiot"Where are your links? You made that up! /quote

You see what I'm getting at. Sometimes people will just come up with a really stupid excuse for an argument, then repeat it over and over, or until another idiot comes to back them up.

quote="Me"Homosexuality is wrong, that's what the Bible says. /quote

quote="Idiot 1"Maybe your just trying to hide your own homosexual urges! That's why your gay-bashing! /quote

quote="Me"I wasn't gay bashing. I never said I hated gay people, I said it was wrong according to the Bible. /quote

quote="Idiot 1"Trying to hide the truth with your condemnation! /quote

quote="Idiot 2"HaHa! It's so true! /quote

Do they have any proof? No. Was I truly doing what they were accusing my of? No. All they know is that there argument sounds good to them, so they can and will use it to dismiss any logical response. If you stop arguing, it will be as though they were right, if you continue, they will step up the assault and ridicule you so it appears to the audience as if they are right. And face it, idiot like that are never short of sympathizers waiting to respond.

Other popular tactics include negative projection, name calling, typing in all capital letters, long questions, faulty information, exclamation marks, spamming, trolling, and any combination of the above. Refuse to respond, and they say:

quote="Idiot"So you can't defend you position! I win! /quote

But if you respond, chances are you'll get wrapped up in the same tactics they do, and they'll say:

quote="Idiot"Why can't you respond logically instead of in emotional outbursts? Is that a sign of weakness? Argument by emotion is a very poor way to respond! /quote

Do I really need an example after all that?
By Siouxie
Message Board
A Message board is a rag-tag collection of pretentious douchebags. Any type of social reject will be found on an message board. For instance,
1. Nerdy Crybabies.
2. Internet Tough-guys.
3. Racists.
4. Passive-Aggressive Assholes.
5. Aggressive Assholes.
6. Tools/Try-Hards.
7. Perverts.
8. Misogynists.
9. Dorks.
10. Basically anyone who the world is a better place without.

Any kind of normal person will eventually be driven away by the circle-jerk of a clusterfuck of nerds stroking each others egos.

Types of people you will encounter on a Message board:
Nerd 1: Anyone who doesn't baby me through life is an asshole.
Nerd 2: I agree, the world is full of meanies!
Nerd 3: I'm a badass, I'm tougher than you! Everyone sucks except me!
Nerd 4: I'm 35 years old and I'm still afraid of the dark, can someone hold me?
By Sibley
Message Board
A place on the internet where dorks can call eachother "pretentious" and "psuedo-intellectual".

douchebag 1:you're so pretentious

douchebag 2:that's just the kind of talk I'd expect from a psuedo-intellectual
By Arabele
Yahoo Message Boards
One of the biggest constant flamewars outside of Usenet. Just comment on a news article about any thing remotely connected with race and/or ethnicticity and be prepared for the flames all night.

Most news stories on Yahoo News serve as flamebait for the Yahoo Message Board.
By Arlyne
Message Board Junkie
A no-life loser who spends all his waking hours on an internet message board.

He'll flood the board, respond to almost every thread, and post dozens of times per day, just to see his name there.

He thinks he's clever, funny, and intelligent when he really isn't. He's just a dumb troll.
He'll try to create a persona of that of a successful happy person with a life, but he's really just a retarded freak who spends all day on his fat ass in front of computer chatting on a message board.

"Man, that idiot lives on this board...he's a message board junkie."
By Helen-Elizabeth
Gamefaqs Message Boards
Sadly, a wonderful idea and potentially one of the coolest forums on Earth, if not for major flaws that completely ruin any enjoyment from it's users.

1. The basic system:
- Possibly the most inconvenient, inaccessible and unintuitive message board system I've EVER seen. Everything you are allowed to do, even the most basic amenities of forum usage are presented as "rewards" for accumulating high "karma" (an ironic term at best). Basically a badge of honor and level of validity to one's membership gained simply by signing on. You could type by mashing the keys with your face everyday for a year and be more accepted than a newbie with halfway decent ideas.
"Want to delete a post? Sorry Karma is too low. Want to search your own posts? Sorry. Mark a troll for harassing you? Sorry. Want to post more than ten times a day? Sorry" get the picture.
- There is no messaging system, so communicating on a personal level is impossible. They even make a point of saying the possible inclusion of such, is not even up for discussion.
- No 'Edit post' feature at all. Which means a lot of deleted posts which still take up room, and a LOT of double or triple posting and even more typos that certainly fail to go unnoticed by the site's "grammar police".
You think with all the pop ups and drop downs, this place could spring for some convenience...
- The karma system only serves to create an elitist atmosphere where the opinions of anyone with low karma are immediately written off as invalid or trollish.
- The codes for posting aren't presented to the poster when posting. You get a box. You type in the box. If you don't know the codes for italics or quoting. Meh, tuff shit.

2. Moderation:
If you look up corrupt in the dictionary.....
(or inept)
THE worst I've ever seen.
Anyone with intellect needs to seriously watch out, because apparently, the moderating staff is made up almost entirely of CJayC's punk-ass little brother's best friends. With all the anti-intelligence and pro-childish fight mob mentality you'd expect from thirteen year old boys.
Things that can net you moderation:
- Whole words and sentences
- Honesty
- Individuality
- Refusal to kowtow
- not kissing the right ass
- presenting a counter to fanboy supported games
- Being a decent person

3. The People:
Imagine a pool filled with people and no water. Imagine that 90% of said people are under the age of 18. Hopped up on sugar and bolstered by "Internet courage" Each one more "1337" than the last. Now imagine the remaining 10% are buried under the former struggling to breath and claw their way through the idiot kids only to reach the surface to be kicked in the face by a moderator and pushed back down into the depths of Internet Hell.

GAMEFAQS - Come for the FAQ's...stay for nothing else.

"Did you know I was banned from the gamefaqs message boards yesterday?"
"No way!"
"Yeah, it was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me."
By Phoebe
GameFAQs Message Boards
GameFAQs Message Boards- A place filled to the brim with idiot trolls who overuse pathetic jokes/insults during inappropriate times and incompetent moderators who seem to only want to endanger your account. This place is controlled by "Karma," or basically points rewarded to those who use the board. Basically, a place with all internet inconveniences merged into one. Not a fun place. No, not for anyone, even the trolls.

In GameFaqs Message Boards, I posted a topic asking on good tips for making a character guide for Brawl. Before I knew it, the topic turned into an argument over whether the character sucked or not. Apparently, I was allowed to use the character, but only if I thought the character sucked. Another time I asked for links to a place for downloading some Wii applications, and I was told it was illegal activity, then someone else said I wasn't "cool" enough to help. True stories. I'm not making this up.
By Almeda