Define Nintendo Meaning

The only good thing that has come out of intellegent life.

Nintendo id the best thing in the world.
By Barbie
Roughly translated, "Leave it to heaven."
A large gaming corporation, that is over 100 years old. In the past highly respected by all gamers, now sometimes ridiculed.
Falsly excused of making "kiddie games" or "kid only games," when the only child like games Nintendo produces are Pokemon and possibly Kirby.
The "kiddie game" rumor started in the early 90s when Sega advertised a commerical stating their version of Mortal Kombat featured blood as opposed to the SNES version. Sega stated, "that we may make games that Ninendo won't." When actually, Acclaim (I believe) didn't decide to add blood until they remade Mortal Kombat for the Sega Genesis.
Sony expanded on this rumor in 1996 to trick a large majority of the public. For someone reason the public believes everything that they hear on tv, instead of doing their own research.

"That's so 8-Bit"
"Know your roots"
"Enough with the bling, bling! I perfer old skool."
All of the above refer to the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).
By Harri
Great game company that makes bright fast-paced game featuring: Mario, Luigi, Fox, Link, and Samus. They invented the game boy, and after that other gaem companies copied them (Sega, NeoGeo, other assorted japanse companies) but failed. the game boy is still being made today. Alos made pokemon games, but they made up for it.

I just got the new Mario Kart for Gamecube!!!
By Karylin
a cool gaming company. Everyone loves all the fanboy shit games with blood and violence and "wicked" graphics, but really nintendo is a better gaming company. They feature really cool systems and are really creative in designing games-who woulda thought of super mario bros. and all those coool little guys in a wierd world called nintendoland? I mean, c'mon its cool!

By Filippa
Kick ass videogame company. Saved the industry in the 1980s, went downhill since, yet still are more profitable than any other videogame company (Yes, they make more $ than Sony does, because they actually make their own games. Today many jerkoffs knock Nintendo citing that their games are "kiddy" These are the same kinds of idiots that buy the Playboy videogame and think they're cool and mature because they only play games with blood and guts. A videogame is good if it is fun, and Nintendo doesn't need to rely on shock value, a la GTA, to make good games.

By Arabelle
Possibly one of the greatest Gaming co. of all time. Kicks Sony and Xbox's butts. They're the only PURE gaming company. (Sega was too, but they dont make systems anymore.)So many haters say Nintendo is a company for kids, but im 13 (not a good example) and still play Pokemon(occasionally), Mario (Can't stop playing) , and as a matter of fact, I refuse to Play an XBox, and use my bro's PS2 for a DVD player! They lead the Gaming industry in innovations.

PS2 guy- Our new Game system has internet acess, Online gameplay, and not to mention the MOST games produced!

XBox guy- We suck, we all know it.

Nintendo- We have all that PS2 crap too, but our games are a heck of alot better.
By Sheena
1)A Japanese company originally named Marafuku (i forget the meaning), but changed to Nintendo (from an old japanes word "leave luck to heaven") before it entered the game biz. Quite possibly the greatest company in the history of the world.
2)A company that makes games often thought to be for kids. People who think that are retards.
3)The Creators of Mario, Metroid, Zelda, and other games worthy of winning the award for Greatest Game Of All Time
4)The company that is consistently getting its best ideas ripped-off by Sony.

1) Apparently, Nintendo used to be Marafuku!
2) nintendo hater: Nintendo's a kiddy game company.
3) some guy: I just bought the new Mario game!
other guy: That is the greatest game EVER!!!!
4) Sony recently ripped off Wii on the subject of its motion sensitive controller.
By Fionnula

slipery slope your moms a goat

By Sashenka
Slang for any box connected to a tv to play games.

Kid A: Hey lets go play nintendo...
Kid B: Yeah deathmatch halo maing..
By Sadie
nintendo used to be " the shit ". with games such as Duck Hunt and Super Mario. Nintendo was replaced with crap such as X BOX and PS1 and PS2.

Get the hell off your nintendo and go make some friends!
By Rochella