Define Not That Hot Meaning

Not That Hot
when your friends tell you that they saw a super hot guy/girl, when i reality they're not that hot.

lukas is not that hot. i talked to him and he has yellow teeth.
By Carmelia
Hot Hot Hot
Hot Hot Hot.
Is Frequently used by the Well known Youtuber Toby Turner A.k.a. Tobuscus,
Used When You see a hot girl,
Does not have to be 3 hots, can be as many as you want.
But is Said Fast.

Or Search in YouTube: Toby Turner Hot Hot Hot

*girl that is Really hot Walks by*
Dude: *looks at girl that walks by* "hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot."
By Blanch
Hot Hot
Used to describe someone who is actually hot, usually used in conjunction with work hot.

Dude 1: Damn, you should see the receptionist at the client I went to today!

Dude 2: Is she work hot?

Dude 1: No, she's hot hot!

Dude 2: Nice! I'm gonna go perform some "emergency maintenance" on her PC!
By Annie

Wow that pan is hot!
By Jaymee
The Hots
Romantic or sexual attraction to someone. Related to hots.

By Wendi
YOU ;))❤️

Your hot
By Hildegarde
1. Very warm.
2. Very attractive.
3. A spot frequented by the police

1. It's hot in the desert.
2. Paul Walker is hot!
3. That guy's house is hot.
By Katerine
That's Hot
A phrased used since forever recently trademarked by Le Paris Hilton. It can be used in whatever situation, and it will always make sense.

Your grandma died.
That's hot.


Can you take out the garbage?

That's hot.

It lightens up the situation.
By Zarah

Kid 1: Damn your looking hot.
Me: No shit.
By Goldi
Hot Or Not
website for people to either (1) post their picture to be judged on a scale of 1-10 based on personal attraction
(2) waste time while they should be studying for exams, giving all the hot people 1's and all the ugly people 10's, to even out self esteem in the world. excellent time waster.

i failed my exam because the night before i spent 2 hours on giving stuck up sloots 1's. damn it!
By Catha