Define Ten Meaning

A human being shaped so perfectly that their hotness is almost painful to look at:

Boys; know you've met a ten when she tells you a joke and you accidentally spit coke in her face.

Girls; know you've met a ten when the fact that he's even speaking to you makes you wet.

Be careful! Tens know it. They have mirrors too. Their prettyness is so intense that you will forgive anything just to be around them. They are not always nice people.

'That 10 bitch better keep away from my man'

Yeah, he forgot my birthday; but check him: He's a ten.
By Corette
top-quality. refers to a ten-point scale on which TEN is the highest and ZERO is the lowest. this scale can measure anything

sometimes used with "a," as in "A TEN"

my schedule for this quarter is a TEN

my heavens, there's a TEN
By Valenka
a female who has the total body package

"Young, shawty is a ten! She is so like that."
By Jodie
n., Casual reference to any ten millimetre automatic pistol.

Got my ten in my hand / and a gleam in my eye
By Tiffanie
Without a doubt, the greatest Pearl Jam album ever. Every song is simply amazing. Vocalist Eddie Vedder held nothing back on this one.

By Rochette
Highest score on a rating system for females, originally popularized by the Bo Derek movie "Ten" in which she really IS a TEN (now, she's slipped to a 9-1/2). TEN=top-quality,TEN is the highest and ZERO is the lowest. This scale can rate anything but women are the most popular use of it.

Susan Sarandon is a ten.

Sharon Stone is a 10.

Elizabeth Shue is an eleven (overdrive !)

Janet Jackson is a 4.

I have known trolls and coyote ugly girls who were 1's, 2's, and even 3's.
By Silvana
english slang: an amount of weed costing £10. usually around 1.5 to 2 grams.

wah blo geezer just picked up a ten wanna come toke?
By Eada

ten rocks - every song is awesome
By Lynnette
A word used to express a sense of achievement or awesomness, often accompanying an expression of flatulance.

It is not uncommon for the word to be drawn out to match the length, pitch and decibel of the accompanying guff.

Said in unison with a fart "Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeen" or upon notification of achievement or well-being "Ten!"
By Emalia

ten is twice the man you are which makes your bitch ass 5
By Nonah