Define Tight Meaning

1.very close friends., hip, fashonable.

I've been tight with Chris ever since highschool

Man those shoes are tight
By Elianore
one who has their "shit" together. something that's working perfectly or is very well done.

man she's tight! or... that's one tight peice of work, well done.
By Elberta
1.) off the hook
2.) mad/angry
3.) tight as in virgin's pussy (not loose)

1.) yo gurl yo outfit is tight!
2.)i was tight when that nigga was starin at my girl
3.) mayne Andrea's pussy was tight!
By Perri
In "The Sun Also Rises," Hemingway uses the word "tight" for drunk, intoxicated, inebriated, etc.

"Why aren't you tight?"
By Tamarra

That outfit is tight!
By Coraline
Tight, as we know, has various meanings, restrictive, stylish, friendly, well-rehearsed, drunk, being snug in the vagina area, ungenerous,cautiously discreet. There may be more meanings than this!

The band is tight!

"You will have to use soap on your swollen finger to remove your wedding ring!"

The band is tight!

"Your wedding ring is very stylish!"

The band is tight!

"The band spent a lot of time together even when they weren't playing music, as they were such close friends"

The band is tight!

"The band really plays well together, as if they have rehearsed together for ages."

The band is tight!

"The band are too drunk to play their instruments properly".

The band is tight!

"I hear all of the female band members are virgins, I would get great pleasure from placing my penis in their vaginas."

The band is tight!

"That band is too mean to pay their roadies, they keep all their money for themselves".

The band is tight!

"You can never get any gossip about that band, they keep their private lives very discreet".
By Karoly
Describing the unity between good friends.

Friend #1: Friend #2, we're tight!
Friend #2: Tight like spandex!
By Klarika

-damn bitch your pussy is so tight i cant even stick it in.
By Evelyn
to be angry, annoyed, shocked, pissed,screwed. When someone is tight they are not in a good mood, something bad has happend to them

When we lost the game today i was so tight
By Harriett
To be drunk.

began as 1920's slang and has been carried into other slang by literary drunks.

We all got tight and went down to another bar.
By Sherri