Define To Tell Meaning

Ur name is actually Stella but u saw the TikTok trend with the remove the first and last letter of ur name so u ended up here

By Allsun
A sign. A behavioral clue that reveals something one tries to hide.

The girl looking at my boots and licking her lips was a big tell that she wanted to serve me.
By Alanah
A series of ironic Instagram accounts similar to .feels or .moments however this side of the community is much smaller and mainly consist of the Ghestisisters

Godzilla.tells died in littlemac.moments lore
By Casie
A real friend. people tend to misunderstand her jokes & taunts, but she's a fricken beast at everyything . She's gorgeous , and she's a bird . :D

...That's Telle . :3
By Betsey
Not Telling
not disclosing information for personal or private reasons.

"Hey, what is your middle name?"
"Not telling."
By Georgetta
A card player's mannerism that gives away the strength of his hand

The rule is this: you spot a man's tell, you don't say a fucking word
By Caro
Tell It
Colloquial teen slang, originating from the eastern seaboard of Australia, specifically the New south wales peninsula. to 'tell it' is to activaly participate in the chosen conversation/context.

example 1(conversation):
cuz1-"hey cuz, i got roots last night"
cuz2-"tell it!"

example 2(context):
cuz1-"hey cuz, theres a party in ettalong tonight"
cuz2-"Should we tell it?"
By Eirena
Telling On
to tell on someone is to inform his or her parent/guardian/superior/jedi that they were recently caught doing the hibbity gibbity with their cousin and are now acting sheepish.

Oh my god, Tim, don't you know that telling on your mate is not lekker!
By Fan
Tells - Function: Noun; Entymology: Tell; A private message in a video game or chat client, etc, that only the sender and recipient see.

Variants: Tellstorm (A large amount of tells)

By Josy
Used in affirmation or agreement to a discussion or shortened version of "I'm telling you" originated by the legendary Dennis Ononikpo.

Friend : it was great seeing you today.
Me : Tells it's been a minute.
By Brier