Define Could You Meaning

Could You
Referring to something you really, really cannot be bothered with.

I just walked through the rain for an hour, could you?
By Nedda
Could You Not
requesting someone to take back something they just did or said

You grab your girlfriends ass in public.
Response: Um, could you NOT? (emphasis on 'not')
By Petrina
Could You Please
This isn't your normal everyday could you please, the way it is ment o be said is in a harsh manner, this is because it means stop it. Sorry this definition sucks, I am busy gherkin it.

Tina: Tyler! Get your hands out of your pants!
Sadex: Tina, could you please.
By Angelika
Could You Fucking Not
What you say when you strongly disagree with something that was said/done/is happening. Can be applied to persons, actions, pretty much anything that you want to emphasize against.

1." Hey Im gay, fuck me in ass please!" - Peter
"Could you fucking not, were in public, dumbass" -Me
2. *Eating some lit french fries*
*Peter comes and starts munching from your fries stash*
"Hey Peter, could you fucking not?" -Me
3. *Waking up at weekend to notice that its raining like motherfucker outside*

"Goddamn, could you fucking not" - Me
By Roberta
How Could You
WHUTT?? Did u really mean to do or wtv that!?!

ps: this definition, expression just came out of my head.. makes sense to me

By Bernita
ITS A NF SONG WHY ARE YOU searching it up in urbandictionary

By Roxie
Could You Fucking Not Please/CYFNP
A more rude and aggressive way of nicely asking someone to stop doing something.

*James pokes Becky*
Becky: could you fucking not please/CYFNP! its annoying!
By Mariann
Excuse Me, Could You Please Leave
A reference to what Tyler Joseph once said in an interview while asked about his voice.

He was asked why his voice was deep in some songs but not in others and he explained he didn't like the sound of his voice; it was too high. He then gave an example to if he were to have a wife and children and someone were to break in and he'd yell but his voice would not be very intimidating.

"From the top of the steps I'm just gonna be like, excuse me, could you please leave? Nothing very intimidating about it'
By Tiffany
Could You Give Me Some Editing Tips?
The best pickup line in history. Used by famous internet YouTube star, Daniel James Howell, to his secret husband, Philip Michael Lester.

By Rosabelle
Could You Help Me Find Something?
A question asked to a strange Women or Man in a SuperMarket as a way to break the ice.

Excuss me, "Could you help me find something?"... I was searching for something to say when I walked past you...
By Deidre