Define Elbows Meaning

Rims: originally '83-'84 cadillac spoke rims or Cragar StarWire Performance Wheels
also called swangers. spokes that poke out simular to your elbows.
1lb/pound: as in eLBow.

"man, that slab be swangin them elbows."
"i gotta slang some elbows at these fools"
By Keely
rims on a car

man that boy sittin on elbows
By Aubrette
(Street slang, more common in the South) A pound of marijuana (mary jane, pot, whatever)

Dude, catch this buzz, the cat on 52nd street, he sells elbows for a song
By Sofie
A pound.

Originated from the L and the B in LBS.

I'mma go cop an elbow.
By Dotty

By Maire
Elbow To Elbow
Touching your elbow to someone else's for the intent of turning them on!

By Sukey
life in prison. the letter L is shaped like an elbow

he got an elbow for the robbery when he went to court.
By Kimmy
1lb of drugs - most commonly weed.

"Sup mayne. I'm comin thru for that elbow."
By Ambur
To hit and/or injure someone with one's elbow.

Kid, I'll fuckin' elbow you in the nose!
By Rene
A morass of drug-crazed, bisexual, partner-swapping, sadomasochistic weirdos from a David Lynch screenplay.

Eit! That mob from Elbows is descending Any Minute Now. Do we have enough N2O ready?!!
By Camella