Define Turns Me On Meaning

Turn Me On

By Tildie
Turn Me On

turn me on
By Annette
Turn Me On
Even you don't feel any attachment to people, you just can use this magic words to get laid. You are not lying, you are turned on by sex itself.

Somehow you are really turn me on. I have never felt in this way.
By Sabra
Turns Me On

By Hildagard
Turn Me Up

"Girl you looking cute today!"
"Girl I know turn me up "
By Petra
She Turned Me
She's so hot she turned me lesbian

"Damn did you see how hot that girl is she turned me for sure ."
By Mora
You Turn Me
A phrase used by gay people when they want to compliment a woman on her looks, they may say "You turn me"- the woman looks so beautiful that she turns them from gay to straight.

*Amanda walks into the room*
Straight guy: You look beautiful tonight
Gay guy: Amanda you turn me
By Misti
Turn Me Up

Bro turn me up this weekend!!”
By Reena
Hello, You're Quite Good At Turning Me On
This term, "Hello, you're quite good at turning me on" originated back 200 years ago in the time of the olympians. This term can be used as a 'pickup- line' attempt, and usually results with a slap in the face. On rare occasions it may be worse, for example: you may be kicked in the genitals, but do not fear, the pain will go away quickly, due to the fact that you will be unconscious.

"hello, name, you're quite good at turning me on"


By Ursuline
Turn Around Make Me Frown
When you're walking down the street and you see a woman with a nice booty walking in front of you. You are now infatuated until she turns around and you see that she in fact, looks like a horse.

*walking around at school
Guy 1: dude that girl is hot
Guy 2: wait for it
*girl turns around
Guy 2: that is a what I call a turn around make me frown.
By Gill