Define Going Meaning

someone who has and will have sex with everybody and anybody

i wouldnt fuck her she goin'. she fuck my nigga.
By Rozalie
A girl that is not a virgin. It does not mean one is a slut, but only implicates that it's not impossible to get in between those legs.

Dude 1: She's cute! You think she's going?
Dude 2: Hell no that's the most un-going girl ever!

Dude 1: She's cute! You think she's going?
Dude 2: Hell yeah man Rick ran that hoe yesterday.
By Aubrey

he snitched and said the goin was me
By Noelle
Go! Go! Go!
Especially with military movies, the person in command of a military team says Go! Go! Go! when his/her team is about to head into a battle. This term is overused and can also be used by kids who think they are cool 😑

“Alright team let’s head up north, Go! Go! Go!”
By Peggie
Go Go Go
Counterstrike term to: "Go! Go! Go!"

"Go! Go! Go!" is a recorded message that is activated through the use of key commands.

Player 1: Come on they planted the bomb!

Player 2: God dammit this loser is blocking the path!

Player 3: Go! Go! Go!

Player 1: STFU

Player 2: n00b

Player 3: Go! Go! Go!

Sound "Go! Go! Go!" is repeated rapidly by Player 3 n00b until he is booted by the admin or they all are fucking naded becuase they are too close together.
By Joana
Go Go
music started in washington dc.
examples: backyard band, ucb, north east groovers, raw image.

By Avrit
Go-Go is a type of music that originated in Washington DC, consisting of strong drum beats and loose feel instrumentals with often sampled vocals it has so roots in reggae

Junkyard band, Northeast Groovers, Rare Essence
By Coralie
Go Go
GO GO Is the Muzic that comes from my HOMETOWN OF D.C.
Me And my NIggas Listen to that Shit. Uless Ur from D.C, Dont Talk About Shit U dont KNow About. Trust me this is gonna BLOW UP.

Go Go Bands of D.C.Tcb,Ucb,Backyard,Reaction,Ccb,Tob.
By Ethelind
Go Go Go
An old trend on Tiktok that became popular in June. U have to sorta lean over and shake your legs

Go go go, who’s next?!
By Jemie
Going Go
Term for "gonna go"

Only used by about two people in Hawaii.
Same as "going to go"

"I'm going go sleep now."
"Are you going go to that party?"
By Kally