Define Enhance Meaning

Inferior (i.e. ugly, dumb, fat, etc.) people that when they are around you, enhances or makes you better (i.e. looking, smarter, skinnier, etc.)

Enhancers make ugly women less ugly.

Many women hang around ugly females to make themselves look better.
By Klara
A word frequently used by computer illiterates who think you can "zoom in" into blurry spots of an image, and then restore the non-existing pixels.

It is commonly used in TV shows for the mentally handicapped such as CSI: Miami, NCIS and many, many others.

Detective Deek: Stop, there is a reflection on her eyes.

Detective Cunnt: I wonder if the victim saw the attacker before she died?

Detective Deek: Zoom in on the cornea and enhance!

Detective Cunnt: Enhance!

Detective Deek: I can see something! Enhance!

Detective Cunnt: Enhance!
By Caitlin
To make something better, to increase in size, or to become more pleasing.

Sara is going to be getting a breast enhancement this week.
By Lily

She has enhanced tits like your mum
By Perrine
Enhanced Interrogation

The use of waterboarding, starvation, and flagellation -- all of these torture, er, "enhanced interrogation" techniques not approved by the Geneva Convention were used in Guantanamo bay.
By Trix
Nip Enhancer
When nips became hard from sexual arousement *wink wink*

"Wow that is a total nip enhancer"
By Anallise
Sentence Enhancer
A curse word, usually containing 4 letters.

If thats the case i'll just bust out a few of my 4-letter sentence enhancers on your ass stinky.
By Ajay
Psycho Enhancer
A term used for people who enhance their psycho. AKA going psychotic. Can be achieved with alcohol, drugs or just pure human craziness. The term was used as the name of a epic beatdown style hardcore punk band from long island, NY.

That bum's psycho was definitely enhanced. He smashed the liquor bottle over the cops head, then puked and pissed himself!

They got really drunk at the party and launched a street sign through my wall, set my couch on fire, and took a shit in my sink. The room got psycho enhanced.

At the psycho enhancer show i got kicked in the face and accidentally drank someone else's blood. It ruled.

Latrell Sprewell's psycho was enhanced when he choked and assaulted his coach.

Ugh, once work is over, I'm gettin psycho enhanced. Hopefully i get laid and successfully break some shit.
By Susann
Enhanced Patdown
It is a much more invasive pat-down that involves touching, probing, and feeling your body, including your genital area, to determine if you are concealing something.

It is what the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will do to you if you opt-out of the full body scanner, which takes a naked picture of you, before boarding an airplane.

TSA Agent: "If you won't let me to take a naked picture of you, then I'm going to rub your penis."
Child: "That would be sexual assault."
TSA Agent: "Nonsense, it's just an enhanced patdown. Now spread your legs."
By Breena
Enhanced Interrogation
A word invented by Dick Cheney to cover his ass.

Refers to torture, a process to get information which the subject thinks you want to hear. Not to be confused with the truth.

"The enhanced interrogation program has saved lifes because I say so.

By the way, we wouldn't use it on our own people, just muslim terrorist suspects that we do not have enough evidence on to bring before a court."
By Tessy