Define Get Out Meaning

Get Out
this statement is used when someone becomes angry with another, and he/she wants him to go outta the room.

Son: Daddy! I want some money..

Dad: get out!!!

Just get lost!!
By Vania
Get Out
something you say when someone says something stupid/gay/ridiculous

1:Dude I'm cool!!
2: OMG, GET OUT!!, there are 3exits you can chose from... get out..
By Adriana
Get Out
when someone says something unliked by another e.g. i dont like the OC but the other person does!

can you get out please?
By Rhianna
Get Out
Expression of disbelief, usually over something too good to be true. A phrase containing 'get out' usually ends with an exclamation point.

Bruno: And so all of the digits matched! That's 2.5 million right there, dude!

Ed: Get out! That's awesome!
By Korrie
Get Out
A term used by people on social media (usually Tumblr) when somebody comments with a pun. Can be used in the place of a "CARLOS!" gif

Person: If Anne hath a will, Anne Hathaway.
Person 2: Get out
By Valeda
Get Out
A phrase said to someone who has said something stupid, or asks a question already answered multiple times. Can also be combined with personal or non-personal places. The phrase is usually said with a nonchalant tone.

Helen: Didn't Christopher Columbus land in America in 1486?
Deshawn: Get Out.

(combination) Jason: Yeah but i didn't think the ice would melt.
Terrence: Go home.
By Faith
a phrase used by Gordon Ramsey in hell's kitchen when an idiotic chef screws up
usually when the chicken is raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw

By Adrienne
Get Out Of It
get out of it: commonly used when told to stop doing something or being told to fuck off in a nice way

son enters pantry to get food, mum sees shithead in pantry "oi get out of it cunt" another example would be if two gay cunts were fighting " oi shit cunts get out of it"
By Marlie
Get Out There
a game that is mostly played by ignorant people and or people who try to be another race in which one player begins the game with an insult of "get out there nigga" so one must start with rock paper scissors, the winner must begin the game with a gesture of the hand in a direction of either left right up or down and the opponent must not follow through with the gesture, he or she must go any other way to avoid losing, and opponent must counter act with another gesture

DKfresh:"get out there nigga you sleepy bitch"
MENA:"oh donnie k, just got your ass with a one hitter quitter"
Dkfresh: SNAKE!
By Silvana
Get. Out.
The most important words relevant to the 2020 trump presidential election bid.

So, do you think trump is worthy of re-election?
Ummm. HELL TO THE FUCKIN' NO. I DO NOT think he is even remotely qualified to be re-elected
You think he's not a good president?
To be clear, I DO NOT think he's been even FUCKING CLOSE to being a good president.
Well, how could he do better?
Two words: GET. OUT.
By Hillary