Define I Don't Know What Meaning

I Don't Know What
English translation of a popular French phrase, used in reference to an unknown or illogical attraction one has to a person, place, or thing.

Salvadore: Bro, what's the deal with you and those Tofu dogs you are consistently scarfing?
Yanni: Dude, you got me. They just have this certain I don't know what.
By Nataline
I Don't Know What To Search
Well, if you don't know what to search in the urban dictionary, why not try to solve this problem:

Evaluate ∬ yz+4xydS where S is the surface of the solid bounded by 4x + 2y + z = 8, z=0, y=0, x=0.


A: "I don't know what to search so I searched i don't know what to search."
B: "You searched i don't know what to search so that's means you know what to search. Liar."
By Mellie
I Don't Know What To Tell You
A phrase used to tell another person to politely say, "I have no interest in continuing this conversation or listening to you complain." In its hardly ever used long form, it would be used as, "I don't know what to tell you to get you to shut up." Extensively used when people present you with a problem, you offer advice to them on viable solutions, but they come up with excuses why they can't follow your advice.

Person A; "complain, complain, complain. My car broke and I can't get to work now. And boss says he'll fire me if I miss another day!"
Person B; "Take the bus."
Person A; "There's no bus route within a quarter mile, and my feet hurt so much."
Person B; "Take a cab."
Person A; "I can't afford a cab with these car repair bills!"
Person B; "I don't know what to tell you."
By Almeta
I Don't Know What To Tell You
A saying that's used to tell someone nicely that nothing is getting done about something,that they simply don't care or that you're "shit out of luck"

Employee: "We have a lot of work and no time to do it" Boss: "I don't know what to tell you"
By Paula
I Don't Know What X Means, But It Sounds Disappointing
A phrase used by anyone who knows it. which displays a "I don't care, but i do at the same time" feel when its said.
The X can be replaced with anything, but depending on what X is changes "what" and "means", if its a person, it would instead be "who" and "is".
Usually saying this phrase, they put on a depressed tone and slur their words, specifically "sounds", and "disappointing". Usually said like : "Soounds Disappoooointingg..."

I don't know what X means, but it sounds disappointing.
1. Hey, meet my friend Bob!
2. I don't know who Bob is, but it sounds disappointing...
1. Try this food!
2. I don't know what food means, but it sounds disappointing ...
By Noelani
I Don't Even Know What That Means
This phrase is tagged to the end of one's speech in order to reveal an innuendo or undertone. It is expressed with a wide-eyed expression and a tone of confusion. It is often synonymous with "That's what she said".

Unlike "That's what she said", it is proper for one to add this phrase to the end of his/her own speech, as well as for others to do the honor for him/her.

Scott: "This female's pelvis has been articulated... I don't even know what that means"
By Marlane
I Don't Even Know What Hole To Put My Dick In
A new phrase thats rapidly gaining in popularity, this is used to describe ones condition if one is utterly confused, wasted, high, or just plain out of it. Its often used to describe situations that have already happened but is not limited to that. There are many variations, a few of the more common ones are following:

-I don't know what hole to put my dick in
-I can't even tell which hole to put my dick in
-I put my dick in all the wrong holes

"Man, that party last night was so crazy I didn't even know which hole to put my dick in."

"Algebra is so confusing, I don't even know what hole to put my dick in!"

"I feel bad about that chick the other day, I was so wasted I put my dick in all the wrong holes..."
By Gene
I Don't Know What To Say
Often used when someone says something that is obviously a wrong/mistake/undependable, and the person who is listening can't say anything to defend his actions.

Jack: I missed the deadline for applying to NYU, because I read the email wrong.

Sam: They gave us a one week extension for that exact reason? Why didn't you submit it.

Jack: I was just so lazy about it.

Sam: I don't know what to say Jack, I guess that's a lesson learned.
By Sibeal
I Don't Know What To Write
Well clearly that's false.

Write this when you have absolutely no idea what to write.

God I'm bored... Let's open google and search "I don't know what to write"
By Dannye