Define Liberties Meaning

What you dare not take from a prat who finks he's hard as nails.

"Oi, you takin liberties, mate?!"
By Elsey
A beautiful athletic girl who loves to look at guys a lot . She's sweet pretty and sexy . Everyone loves her she's super popular.

wow liberti is so hot
By May
Liberty is a very strong girl she has been through a lot in life and is very overprotective of her siblings sometimes over thinks thing but overall is just annoying amazing person her personality is out of this world crazy she is a bitch and will beat the fuck out of people if she has a problem she will confront you and she really easy to love her love life is like a roller coaster but she is amazing happy person find you a liberty and never let her go she gets very annoyed when people make jokes about her name she very true lovesble person

Liberty is great
By Frieda
A stunning, well wishing, sweet, cute, amazing, funny, adorable, good hearted (I said that she was absolutely stunning right?) girl with every intention to make others happy. She'll always is there for you when you're feeling down to cheer you up. All the boys want her desperately.

Person1: Dude I'm so happy right now.
I got this girl who is so stunning.

Person2: Ah, damn you got yourself a Liberty your lucky
By Cassondra
Liberty is a girl who is you'll only meet once in a life time. She's beautiful, smart, and funny. She doesn't always have the perfect life but she doesn't let that stop her. She is strong and brave. You are a very lucky person if you meet a Liberty. And if you do, don't let her go. She is the most amazing and loving friends you could ever have.

Where is Liberty?
By Randie
Something everyone on the earth deserves no matter what race, religion sex or country!

"Give me liberty, or give me death!"
-Patrick Henry before Virginia House of Burgesses
By Mame
amazing. perfection. the best friend you could ask for. the greatest person on earth! liberty's are highly reccommended to NOT GO TO PRIVATE SCHOOL, as it generally kills those they are leaving behind/

wow, liberty is amazing!
By Isis
liberty is a girl who hates herself. she’s often left out by her friends but whenever she try’s to tell her friends how she feels she gets shut down. she is prone to falling for people she can’t have. she has a really funny personality because she uses her jokes as a way of coping with her depression. overall she is the kind of person you’d want to go for advice because she’s been through it all. she loves strong and hurts strong too. and she HATE HATE HATES the liberty mutual ad.

“did you see liberty? what is she complaining about now.”
By Irma
mostly used in london to say somethings not fair

why did he slap u thats a liberty
or why u being like dat dats a liberty
By Bryna
The state of a free person, freedom, anarchy.

By Melosa