Define Lmfao Meaning


By Imogen

.Now we now that Lmfao is working with 2 other people, lmao and lmbao
By Theadora
When you are laughing to the point that your (expletive) rear end is being forcibly removed from the rest of your body.

rear end1: why did the chicken cross the road? to get to the other side.
rear end2: thats a good one. lmfao. im laughing so hard im being removed from the rest of my body.
By Denice
Abbreviated form of "Laughing my fucking arse (or ass or other) off" commonly used in online/networked gaming and in chat rooms, similar to, though more expressive and indicating greater laughment than lmao (laughing my arse (etc.) off).

Absolute pwnage!! lmfao that n00b
lmfao at that pwn
By Corabelle
lmfao- an acronym used by many internet addicted people for they are too lazy to type it by itself. Lmfao are the begining letters of "laughing my fucking ass off".

Since most of the people who use this acronym are addicted to internet and spend most of their time sitting at a desk, the meening of lmfao has changed from "laughing my fucking ass off" to "laughing my fat ass off".

fAtSO#1: i just shit'd ma pants.
FaTso#2: lmfao!!!!!!!111!!1

nerd#1: pudding
nerd#2: lmfao!
nerd#1: we know ur ass is fat dude... just say lmao... or nothing at all...
nerd#2: Lmfao! oh wait nvm...

"insert name here": lmfao
me: ur fat.
"insert name here": when did i say i was fat!?
me: sigh...
By Gusella
Lesbians make funny anal orgasms. From the porntube classic video.

Did you see lmfao? Fucking hottest shit I've ever seen. Who knew anal was that good.
By Lorene
this stands for Large Mingling Farts Abolish Others

By Leesa
A slang term used in online conversations, with the meaning "Laughing My F****** Ass Off"

See lmao and lol.

I heard The Game was excommunicated from G-Unit, and I lmfao at him."
By Leontyne

bob says: boomshackalacka
rick says: lmfao!!!
By Grethel
means that when something is super-funny you lmfao (laugh my fucking ass off)

Guy: Hey wanna hear a joke
Big Guy: Yeah Sure
Guy:That was the joke
Guy: *Crying happily* yeah, yeah!
By Alis