Define Th Meaning

It means: Thanks Heaps
similar to TY, or TA

Person 1: dont worry, i will pay for you.
Person 2: oh noo noo, i will
Person 1: na man, its ok seriously
Person 2: ok TH mate!

By Annis
lazy people use this in msn talk rather than saying th. extremely lazy people use it in civilised conversations

"what th hell kind of lazy-msn-people-speak word is that?"
By Jojo
Th Th Th Th Th
The sound made by a moth. Can be construed as frightening.

I don't like moths- they go th th th th th
By Adah
Like tf(short for 'the fuck'), but th is the clean version of it, meaning 'The heck'

Th how does this video have 50 views?! It's trash.
By Issie
Th is used when you have no idea how to end a thought, so you just type th.

I think HealthCare is really great th.
By Gay
abbreviation for 'talking hump syndrome' from a 'futurma' episode 'a clone of my own'

robot guard: what did your hump say?
professor: its my talking hump symdrome
robot guard: oh, ths.
By Elbertina
The TH
It’s like thinking you're just getting high with a buddy, only to end up having spontaneous true love buttsex.

By Dorrie
Means the samething as "that".

1. "th@ waz crazy, yo".
2. "stop doing th@".
By Vikki

By Tabatha
abbreviation for “the hell”. that’s when you know you fucked up.

Emma: i ate rotten eggs before!
Alex: th?
By Jacquette