Define The Usual Meaning

The Usual
in context to either drugs or sex... a different way to tell your parents so they will never find out

"Hey, Son, What are you doing this weekend at Max's house?"
"Oh, just the usual"
By Leoline
The Usual
Something only said by CherriPoppins16 on aim.

Hi I am big gay cherripoppins16 "oh, the usual!!" *cough*
By Andreana
Usual For The Usual
you~sh~al for the you~sh~al
Meaning that always happens, some things never change

holly just got banged in the ass at the party last night, usual for the usual
By Ivette
A name girls will call their group, for the sole purpose of saying "the usual". They typically don't realize that nobody thinks it cute that they call themselves "the usual".

OMG let's do something with the usual on Saturday.. dinner, movies, then sleepover!
By Nerita
1) Ones normal state of heath.
2) Ones habitual choice of drink.

1) Man: Hey man, how are you?
Boy: Im usual, you?

2) Bartender: What're you having, Mate?
Man: Usual please.
By Eran
The group of peeps that you chill with whenever you can.

"Hey yo, I'm hangin at the beach with the usuals"
By Mireille
1 : accordant with usage, custom, or habit : NORMAL
2 : commonly or ordinarily used
3 : found in ordinary practice or in the ordinary course of events :

2 : followed his usual route
By Viviyan
Something who does something usually, a lot! A "usualler".

Julie is such a usualler when it comes to solving integrals.
By Doretta
An annoying jerkweed who when asked for his menu choice replies "the usual", despite no one having any idea or really caring what this candy-ass wants.

"Hey, Phillippe! We got a usualer at table 6. What does he get?"

"Who knows, man! Wait, what's that on the ground? Here, put it with some, no, pimp it up, man! Yeah, like that...go give that to the that's the shiznit!"
By Carlota
The Usual
When a person walks into a bathroom to drop a deuce, and stands up when their finished only to realize they were sitting on another person who was using the toilet the entire time.

I walked into the bathroom and gave this chick The Usual.
By Corly