Define Well Shit Meaning

Well Shit
1. Used when getting surprised.

2. When you want to get water from the well but instead of water, you get the water with some dirt.


1. Younger sibling: baaaah, when we get to da restaurant?
Dad: nah, just 20 miles more to the Burger King.
Dashboard oil indicator: BEEP BEEP BEEP


Dad: well shit.

2. Me: I'm thirsty so I'm going to get some water in the fast way. *proceeds to go to well*
Dad: good luck man.

*pulls the line after 2 minutes*

Me: What? I wanted some water not dirt!
Dad: That's some "Well Shit"!
By Beverley
Well Shit

Well shit Larry, I didn't know you were comming to the reunion.
By Avie
Well Shit
used to display ones disatisfaction

You: "So how long have you known this?"
Friend: "Um, everyone has known about it for a while now," Man.
You: "Oh...Well shit..."
By Tamma
Well Shit
The term often exclaimed, whispered or said with an expression of complete mind Fuckedness out of utter confusion or realisation

"Why do they call it a building if it's already been built?"

"...Well Shit..."

#Mind Fuck #Well Shit
By Carroll
Well Shit
An expresion of discontentment in a recent turn of events

"She's going out with bob now... Well Shit"
By Vivianna
Well Shit
We'll SHIT is Jonathan fucking a puss

By Elvera
Well, No Shit
A response similar to 'how interesting' or 'I didn't know that'.

Ex. Person 1- "did you know that there are over a thousand different species of fish?" Person 2- "well, no shit!"
By Barry
Well Shit In My Hat And Stamp On It

"Well shit in my hat and stamp on it! Tigers can swim after all!"
By Gae
Well, Shit In My Mouth And Call Me Your Sister
An sarcastic exclamation that can be used in a variety of ways. Usually used to to emphasize how glaringly obvious something that has been said is.

A: I had to go to school yesterday.
B: Well, shit in my mouth and call me your sister - student's going to school? Really?
By Georgeta
Well Fuck Your Shit
An indignant response to some form of rejection, often said while walking away. When used online, an image macro of a guy in a striped outfit is used.

Snoot: Hey! No surfing Urban Dictionary in this cyber cafe!

Dude: Well fuck your shit! I'll find a place where I can!
By Carie