Define An Event Meaning

Eventing is an equestrian event which comprises dressage, cross-country and show jumping. This event has its roots in a comprehensive cavalry test requiring mastery of several types of riding. Eventing is an equestrian triathlon, in that it combines three different disciplines in one competition set out over one day (one day event) or three days (three day event).

Eventing is a kick ass sport!!!! there is nothing else like it!!

You think one phase isnt hard enough.. in eventing we do three!!!!
By Georgena
A discipline of horseback riding that involves three courses. The first is dressage. The second is show jumping. The third is cross country jumping. Most would consider it the hardest English discipline. Eventers are dedicated riders who love horses with all of their heart. They are not perfect riders but they work as hard as possible. They are usually loyal, kind, and caring. Although some get caught up in it and become snobby, rude, and trashy.

Emma Kate: I do barrel racing, what's your discipline?
Carolyne: I do eventing.
By Gwenneth
The Event
A ridiculously confusing science fiction drama on NBC about planes disappearing, aliens and assassination attempts. The goal of the show is to constantly keep you thinking, "WHAT THE FUCK?"

dude, i saw The Event last night...WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!?!?
By Adel
The Event
1. An alternative term for sexual intercourse; The Event is the highest level of enjoyable sexual intercourse, and only performable by members of ERQM&M.

2. A universal term that describes the traditional activites of an Eckum sleepover.

3. An expression used to convey great multitudes of sexiness and/or viciousness possessed by a person.

I can't beleive how well ERQM&M can do The Event!

We will go through the event tonight in E's basement.

By Rosina
adjective: used to indicate the merit of any happening, most often social functions.

man that party last weekend was event!
By Mary
The power/ easiness/ ability to organise an event

By Vivianna
Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK slang for
the art of bukkake. More specifically, when 8 close friends ejaculate over some hot girl they may, or may not like.
Can be used for pleasure or punishment.

Hey guys, wanna go eventing?
Jesus! Has she just been evented?!
Lets event that swine-hunde!
By Ki
An Event
What your company's HR will call direct workers action, such as a strike, to avoid verbiage indicating fault or inciting further "events". A word so intentionally vague it can unironically be used to explain the happenings of varying amplitudes from a staged walkout to a mass shooting.

"Yesterday, our family here at insert company name, had An Event on the shipping floor from which several individuals will not be returning." -Linda, HR.
By Bekki
The Event
The term used to refer to the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020. The effects of the pandemic coupled with the resulting protests, economic and social impact and international escalation of tensions between countries make it the singular feature of 2020 that will never be forgotten by mankind. The term is used to avoid directly referencing the painful time is was for everyone when trying to make a point without drawing attention to the pandemic itself

Before The Event people loved travelling to Asia to experience exotic foods and sailing on cruise ships. unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the future we'll live in.
By Katharina
The action of going to events, being socially active

I will spend my next month eventing
By Lonni