Define February Meaning

the best month ever.. every person born in this month is a true pimp and gets all the guys/girls

dude i love this month, february is the best
By Rahel
February is the best month of the year. Its still nice and cold and snowy, but you know that spring is just around the corner if you're tired of all the bad weather. February is also the most unique month. 28 days long,(unless its every four years on a 'leap' year)
Valentines day is also in February. (the fourteenth)It's a fun holiday named after St. Valentine, and it's for cute happy couples. Many single or unhappy peope celebrate the anti Valentines day, ie. Singles awareness day.

People born in February are without a doubt the Cutest, Smartest, and Funniest set of people. If you are born after the 20th, you are also a PICES. This is the best Zodiac sign.

"Kristy is so cute! Shes nice too! How did she get so purfect and talented?"
"She was born in February"

"Eight days till march!"
"No. Nine days till march."
"*shakes head* Silly- this year is a leap year!"
By Tori

Uh man it’s fingerless February can’t finger myself.
By Catlee

By Leontine
n. twenty-eight (28) inch rims, typically adorned on large-frame vehicles, including, but not limited to, new Hummer H2s, new Mercedes G500s, new Cadillac Escalades, late-model Ford Expeditions, candy coated late-model Ford Crown Victorias, and candy coated late-model Chevrolet Caprices &Impalas.

NIGGA 1: Shit – check dat Impala, son - look at them mutha fuckin rimz
NIGGA 2: Those 22’s? 24’s? 26’s?
NIGGA 3: Nah, nigga, he ridin’ on Februaries – 28’s nigga...
By Leta
The month that gives women the best excuse to ask for expensive jewlery. This is also the best month for men to find something to give to women so they get a blow job without guilt.

"What do you mean,'why do I want a 5 carat diamond?' Because it's V-day month. Yes, February you idiot!"
"Yes, I will give you a blow job in February if you buy me that diamond on Valentine's day."
By Celestyna
The second month of the year that tends to confuse the hell out of people every four years with its added day. This month can either be a romantic time, or the worst time of the year. Some people tend to over exaggerate the holiday in the middle of the month known as Valentine's day and dress up in ridiculous costumes that just beg to be made fun of, while others just tend to hide away in the corners hoping the holiday passes quickly. Either way, people never seem to remember Groundhog's day which is the greatest holiday of the year.

1: Do you know the months song?
2: 30 days half September, April, June, and November. All the rest have 31... except for February which is screwed up in the head and has 28, except for every four years when it has 29 to make up for those hours every year... Ya know what? Just go away.
By Alia
that one month where the singles are extra depressed. they only have about 13 days to find someone to date. and if they’re lucky they’ll get their person on the 14th.

shit February is coming.. i need a date
By Hettie

Girl one:are you ready
Gurls two: we can’t it’s February
By Lanae
This month is national finger free month where no girl can finger themselves or anyone else

This month there’s no fingering in february
By Benetta