Define Filling Up Meaning

Filling Up

guy 1: Check out this picture my new chick. What do you think?
guy 2: I'm filling up
By Dianne
Fill Up
To get drunk, hammered, pissed, or alternatively an event at which you get drunk, hammered, pissed. Therefore can be used either as a 1. verb 2. noun

1. Hey, it's Friday, come on round and we'll fill up.
2. It'll be a proper fill up on the weekend. They love the piss.
By Christie
Fill Up
When a man injects semen into his womans vagina.

My girl is on the pill so I'm gonna give her pussy a fill up.
By Marcellina
Filled Up
Have Many cocks in all of the womens holes.

Noelle Nickus of Ipswich, MA. -- SHE IS ALWAYS "FILLED UP"
By Etti
Filled Up

I got filled up, so I need to go to the chop shop!
By Carroll
Filling Up The Stetson
Urinating in an open container while riding in a moving car. The phrase originated in 1835, when settlers riding the Oregon Trail were forced to relieve themselves in a large Stetson hat, to avoid stopping their wagons for fear of Indian attacks.

"Geez Jimmy, would you drive a little smoother? I'm filling up the stetson right now, but since you're driving like a maniac, it's splashing around everywhere."
By Doll
Fill Up A Can
the bulimic equivalent to "smoke a bowl".
many bulimics look like they're taking a drink of something in a can, but are actually depositing small amounts of vomit into the can in the most non-attention-drawing way possible.

bulimic one: hey, I just ate way too much. I'm gonna go fill up a can.
bulimic two: have a Diet Pepsi
By Kelsi
Filling Up The Tank
Peeing in a girls butt during anal.

Dude me nd my girl are filling up the tank tonight @ the wedding reception
By Brear
Filling Up The Pool
The act of urinating into an object example; toilet, bucket, etc.

Guy1: Dude what took you so long
Guy2: I had to fill the pool up

I filled the pool up

I'm filling up the pool
By Tabatha
Fill Up Your Tank
To pregame or drink before you begin your night out on the town. To consume alcoholic drinks at one's home, perhaps due to: a rough economy with hard times, being an underage child without a fake ID, or in most cases, insurance for good times.

Me: "We're going to a speed dating event tonight???"
John: "Yep at 10pm"
Me: "Wanna come over and fill up your tank at 8?! I'm gonna need it!"
By Lynn