Define Hittin Meaning

To have sex or be involved in sexual contact, hittin also means to engage in sex.

By Cammi
somebody whos look nice or attractive

Mann you see that female in that lil skirt?.. she hittin
By Shirley
a baltimore trem for selling drugs

yo you just was hittin for them so sell this for me
By Randie

That food was hittin'
By Nelly
Hittin' It

"Are you hittin' it?" "We're gonna be hittin' it later"
By Staci
Desirable, esp. in sexual context.

Doz some hittin' bitches, yo!
By Adrienne
Hittin It

I'm hittin it! *turns off lights*

That's it, I'm hittin it. *Leaves online match*
By Con
Hittin Circles
Leaving fake friends behind. Checking your friend groups and kicking the fake ones out.

Delshon says: Man, I was hittin circles once I made it in the industry cuz.
By Liana
Hittin' The Hops
Hops (Humulus lupulus) are a main ingredient in beer, used to give this fine alcohlic beverage it's characteristic bitter taste. To drink beer.

Gary: Hey man me and the lads are getting together tonight for some tea and crumpets, you in?
Bruce: Nah man I'm hookin that shit and hittin' the hops with the ladies.
Gary: You would dude, you would.
By Ainslie
Hittin Switches
see switches. activating hydraulics.

'...hittin switches in my six-four...'
By Tasha