Define Only Friend Meaning

Only Friend
the only friend of someone who is a loner

man, that girl is such a loner, jaclyn's her only friend
By Emlyn
Only Friends
When you post videos to tiktok that are for friends only, they are now watching your Only Friends

hey did you catch my new Only Friends video??
By Helli
Weed Only Friend
The type of friend that will only hang out with you, if you provide marijuana. Usually will make some lame excuse not to hang out if marijuana won't be present.

You: Dude want to hang out this Saturday?
Weed Only Friend: Yeah I don't have plans man, you got any weed?
You: No and my mom is going to be home.
Weed Only Friend: Oh shit, I just remembered I have a doctor's appointment that night.
By Dodi
Only Friend*z
A group of friends who are very close, namely Zad, Vic, Mert, Kate and Al. These girls partake in activities such as attending Disney rehearsals, sleepovers, makeovers, being arrested twice, being pretty/skinny/popular, eating, texting, never showering, watching the office, ruining scary movies, swimming at zad's, doing master warm ups, getting their heads in the game, making videos, having boyfriends, romacing milkshake, talking really loud at movies, watching disney channel, bonding with eachother's families, ending every word with ziez, and stalking people on Facebook.

I love my only friend*z: Zaida, Mary, Kate, and Alex.
By Berti
We’re Only Friends
Word typically used to get out of cheating on your partner with this person you describe as “only a friend”

I said your my “we’re only friends” but I rearrange your guts and you couldn’t walk last night
By Myrah
Friends Only
Phrase used after saying something sexual to the opposite sex without actually implying a relationship .

Similar to friends with benefits

"Hey, would you let me tap that? Friends Only."

"Sex? friends only though"
By Angel
Friends Only
A characteristic of blogging site like Livejournal
it allows you to write entries that can only be read by the people on your friends list. commonly known as FO

"my journal is friends only"
"i made a friends only entry"
By Wally
Friends Only
The correct word for a social media account that is meant only for your friends to see! Often used with inta or twitter

“Follow my friends only account for memes fam
By Michaela
At Home Only Friend
The neighbor and friend you grew up with that is now way too embarrassing to hang out with at school, but is sorta ok to hang out with when you are at home with nothing to do.

Yes, we were friends in grammar school but now she's pretty much an "at home only friend."
By Trudi
No Life No Friends Only Indian Discord Friends
This is a phrase that you can say too your friends when they do something stupid in fortnite

This guy has No life No friends only indian discord friends
By Claudine