Define Third Meaning

The standard Mexican Mafia tax on illicit proceeds in prison or on the street.

Ex. 1

Prosecutor: Are you familiar with the concept of thirds?

Boxer: Yes, thirds.

Prosecutor: What's that?

Boxer: Thirds is the standard tax on anybody, particularly for individuals coming into a prison setting. Anybody coming in with drugs or any illegal material, any contraband, they're required to give us a third, the Mexican Mafia members a third.

Rene 'Boxer' Enriquez, Testimony in USA v. Jaimez et al., September 12, 2018

Ex. 2

Boxer: I got an assignment for you. There's a trap house in Boyle Heights run by a dude named Nico. He's bragging about being tax free. It's on Matthews across the street from the high school--

Savage: --Isn't that the school where Jaimie Escalante taught calculus to all them cholos and jainas?

Boxer: Uh huh. And like Mr. Escalante, you're gonna teach Nico some math. Specifically, how the concept of thirds works. Make sure he knows that La Cliqua sends its regards.
By Odille
Third On
The state of the Penis which is not quite a Semi, but definitely not completely flaccid.

'Third on' - Literately a third of the way through the erection stage.

"Dude, she's almost hot, I've kinda got a third on going on!"

"Wow that was an long drive, I've got a third on 'cause of the chaffage.
By Nicolina
This That And The Third
1.Also used when there is a compelation of he said she said bullshit in the flow of gossip
2. Too many stories aka lies

"I aint trying here this that and the third, 'bout how you don't got my money".

"First you said you was with doe then you said you went shoppin.. I aint trying to hear this that and the third just tell me where the fuck you was at."
By Jolyn

By Fionnula
The third born child from a particular family. Usually used as a derogatory slur, the name "Third" implies that the individual is an accident or unwanted because of overpopulation.

The term originated from the book "Ender's Game". The setting takes place in the future and because of Earth's overpopulation, all families are only allowed a maximum of 2 children. However due to Earth's need for a super commander of all space forces, the Wiggin's are allowed to have a "third".

Child 1: Don't talk to him. He's a third.
Child 2: Yeah! Third! Third!
By Florenza
A nonalcoholic beverage consisting of roughly one third sprite, ginger ale, and coke or 1/2 sprite, and 1/4s of coke and ginger ale

Barboy, Beer-me one Third,
By Lotta

hey let me get thirds on that square
By Glennie
This; That; And The Third
one of my more favoured Ghettoisms, "This; That; and The Third" is the natural progression of "This and That."

it's like, Extra Shit on top of Shit that's already there, 'n' shit.

Incidentally, it is usually at an attempt to sound ... Edumacated, when you can observe a Ghetto Muther|Fucker (or a White Trash-nikka) use that phrase.

this term's usage is sorta similar to "ad nauseam" + "and so on," i guess.

you can also write It like "This -- That --- and The Third" or "This ... That ..... and The Third.......", if you want to: The Sky's The Limit.

person 3: "...and, well, you know i got dis Car Note i need to take care of -- if it ain't One Thing, then, it's anotha mutha|fuckin' thing, for a nigga."

person 1: "word|word. a-yo: yesterday, out at Da Dox, i ran into my Old Bitch; she wuz out wit' dis *Pimp* Muther|Fucka."

person 2: "a'ight. well, what you do, nikka?"

person 1: "what I do? _you_ know what da fuck I did: i gave that Bitch and That Nigga a nod, and kep' walkin' tha fuck on. i ain't try'na fuck wit'um, 'n' shit -- That Dude she was wit' was like 2-times my size."

person 3: "i feel ya. yeah, i wouldn't want you comin' back here wit'uh Busted Head, foolin' wit'uh dude you ain't even got no bit'niss Starin' At, cock-eyed. you'd be comin' back hurr, talkin' about 'oh **My Eye!!** **My Eye!!**,' an' then i'd have to patch your little sorry ass up."

person 2: "Mmm hm; an' I don't wanna hafta be tha one who hears your sorry little '´Got My Ass Whipped' Stories, either. 'He beat me. 'He stuck his foot so far up my asshole I was able to lick his shoe. 'He was lookin' at me all Broke|Back-like!!' and, you know: This; That; and The Third."

person 1: "oh, You ain't gotta worry ´bout _that_, shaw'dee: ´mutha|fuckah try Dat Shit on me, and i'd shank his fuckin' ass -- ´use his lil' faggy-ass Pimp Cane if i got to. ´don't care *how* big the nikka is, for r'il/for 'ril."

person 3: "ha haa."

person 2: "exactly."
By Zorana
A Third is a type of bro usually with a shaved head who wears baggy shorts, baggy shirts and typically lives in the Santa Clarita Valley. Thirds can be found chillin' by your local liquor store smoking a cig or e-cig. Another signature trait of thr Thirds is a cigarette found behind their ear and their tattoos with names of all the girls they dated in town from AA meetings.

I saw a Third hanging in front of 711 smoking a cig off of Soledad Canyon Road the other day.
By Tanya
To diminish to one-third of the original value.

The medicine thirded her alcohol tolerance.
By Tilda