Define Donald Meaning


donald is donald
By Mufinella
a crazy hairstyle , a person that crys all the time, a guy that is wierd , that pokes you everywhere and a guy that that weres small small small shorts up to the butt

girl 1 ; hey i got a boyfriend named donald

girl2 you should dump him his not the right guy for you

ok plus i just meeted him
By Dennie
donald: a souless, cheap ginger, commonly referred to as don, donny, donnie, and gingie/ginjie depending on the spelling in your particular region because it seems to vary. This man is a straight up republican and loves history. also loves making ginger bread houses and ginger snaps because he tends to be a cheap fucking bastard.

guy 1"yo my girl gave me 20 bucks for christmas, what a fucking donald!"

guy 2 "thats what you get for dating a cheap hoe bro."
By Quinn
verb; unwelcomed grabbing of the crotch

When you are a celebrity, you can donald them anytime you want.
By Heidi

By Sidoney
Verb.- The act of recieving a Cock slap to the face or head region of the body.

"Last night, Trey put his penis on Harvey's face."

"He got Donald'ed!"
By Bella
The Donald
A subreddit on that's a forum for people who support U.S. president Donald J. Trump.

Everyone on reddit wants to ban The Donald.
By Maren
A Donald
When you speak in circles making waves while saying absolutely nothing

Drew pulled a Donald as he spewed make-believe about building a gold wall along the entire Rio Grande pledging "it will be seen from Mars"
By Emmey

He uses too much spray tan he is such a Donald
By Berrie
Donalding is the act of being a donald. A donald is someone who is silly. this verb is derived from donald duck.

we were donalding on our road trip to UNC as we got truck drivers to honk their horns.
By Doll