Define Goblin Meaning

class of gangster above a goon. rich,, powerful, yet still from the hood. killing on others below them and has much more authority. usually the head of gangs and has much protection, but always loyal and always keep it real

By Karleen
someone who is into the goblincore fandom. someone who collects buttons, beads, dice, rocks, gems, crystals, pinecones and various miscellaneous items. they love the outdoors and their clothing choice usually varies around corduroy, overalls, embroidered/painted items, sweaters, and boots. they...are inclined to go feral once in a while.

random dude: why does stella have so much stuff in her room?
random other dude: ahh, she's a goblin.
By Mollee
Small, usually green (although red and brown varieties are common) bipedal creature, the goblin is possessed of a keen cunning, and although not often very wise, goblins tend toward the highly intelligent.

Goblins can be highly malicious, coming from a very competitive society. Some groups of goblins work together strongly under great leaders, whilst others may simply bicker and squabble amongst themselves.

Goblins have a sharp and sometimes biting sense of humour, and their simplistic logic often makes for hilarious situations - however, it may also provide the goblin a mechanism unthought of by more logical and less chaotic species.

Possibly related to orcs (ork).

Leaf the Wood Elf: Are you an evil baby-eating necromancer, Skwelch?
Skwelch the powerful goblin necromancer: I iZ nOt and nEvvA aZ bIn a neKroManseR! eYe iZ a fAYmuS goBblyN baRdd!
Leaf: OK then!
By Scarlett
A creature that re-emerges after long periods of hiberation. Invites long ignored acquaintances for social engagements mainly on the golf course.
The reason for hiberation is uncertain. It is either due to being (happily) stuck under a large thumb for several years or due to having spent 18 months finishing a fucking road race of approximately 26 miles. Slow cunt. See 'RUFUS?'

Fuck me, look at that slow goblin cunt, he's 2 fucking miles behind the spastic with no fucking legs. 3 months from now when he reaches the finishing line, he'll be looking for a game of golf. The cunt.
By Janetta
A enthusiastic woman who is not scared to suck dick;a ravonous dick sucker.

Boy it must be halloween cuz i saw kim and she started a goblin
By Regine
1) An unruly child.

2) Any child that has not learned manners or ettiquette, especially a newborn baby.

"Did you hear that my sister popped a goblin?"

"Really? Now there's going to be a goblin running around her house! Ha ha! You are an uncle!"
By Lara
Goblin is a created fictional character that was created for an excuse when getting caught doing something.

Man 1: Hey did you tap me?
Man 2: No it was Goblin
By Sara-Ann
when someone sticks the entire length of the penis and balls in there mouth while sucking a cock

wow i never new suzy was a goblin girl
By Willie
Small Scottish irritating, green whiney creature.

By Lucita
1. Weird, epic brat
2. William A.'s spirit animal

"Wow, I never realized what a total goblin he was until now."
By Adriana