Define Lustful Meaning

Lust Is Lust
A term that experimenting teenagers use to justify their actions. Typically used to explain hook-ups or one night stands. Gender doesn't matter, as long as you know the person on some level, and you're both sexually curious.

"Ew is it true that you made-out with Selena last night?"

"Hey lust is lust man."
By Cissy
the feeling you get when you see someone and all you want to do is fuck the shit out of them.

i think you know who you lust after.
By Aurel
You think you love someone but you only want them sexually

By Denna
its when you want to touch them so bad. but you dont because you dont know what they want. its when your with them, your dying for their touch, their lips their hands on your body. its when they touch you and even though you know its wrong you cant stop. its this feeling in your gut that makes you do wild things. and this unending thought in your head when your with them.

its confused with the word love. but people got it all wrong, its not love, its what comes with love, its in the package.

i just wanted his lips with mine. "lust"
By Flori

I have lust for that person
By Adriena
It's that sexual arousability you get when you glance someone extremely attractive and you get these 5 seconds fantasies about having erotic sex with them. It has completely nothing to do with love.

Lust for sex has no bounds.
By Camila
often confused with love, it is purely physical attraction and has no lasting effect

she lusted after him, his eyes, his hair, his body
By Robenia

he was very lustful after seeing her in that mini skirt
By Gerrilee
In Lust
To be "in lust" with someone is to crave someone sexually or physically without necessarily liking their personality or who they are. Basically a physical version of "in love".

Johnny: So dude, how did you ever like Christy? She was a total bitch!
Nelson: I didn't care about that. I was just in lust with her.
Alex: Hey Katie, I don't really like you, but I'm in lust with you.
Katie: Same here! Let's just hook up.
By Mable
A large physical attraction for an individual, that is sometimes uncontrollable and completely unreasonable.

Often confused with love.

Lust is not love if you don't wish to anything other than have sex with someone.

When ever I saw him, all I wanted to do was kiss him, and touch him. Strange how I never wanted to talk to him. It must have been lust.
By Kirby