Define Approaching Meaning

The act of ejaculation among women and men alike, as long as it is completed through a second party.

Him 2, enter stage left: LETS APPROACH TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Renae
someone who is open and friendly that's ready to assist

It's easier talking to somebody that's approachable.
By Felipa
v. To get closer to something.

The troops approached the enemy to attack accurately.
By Simonette

"She walks down the hallway wearing a leather jacket, to observers she appears approachable."
By Rhona
Approach Anxiety
Approach anxiety (AA) is a term used to describe a man who feels highly nervous, awkward and distressed during (or even before) the act of approaching and getting to know women he has never met before. While the anxiety often derives from a greater social phobia, approach anxiety itself derives specifically from man's belief that he is very likely to be rejected by the woman of his desire in unplesant and harsh ways.

In most cases, a man who tries to overcome this particular anxiety may experience symptoms such as rapid heart rate, clammy hands and excessive body sweating, thought paralysis (i.e 'going blank' or 'freezing up'), rapid speach, uncharacteristic stuttering, unintentional fidgeting and many other forms of physical or mental reactions to high stress.

By Alta
Cold Approach
To approach and start a conversation with a total stranger, usually with a romantic intention.

John has some huge balls. He just goes up to girls he doesn't know, tells them they are cute, flirts a bit more, and then gets their number.
I wish I could cold approach like that.
By Janene
Shotgun Approach
A last ditch effort used to pick up women that essentially entails making a series of rapid, low effort, approaches, on multiple women, in a very short period of time.  It is beneficial when the PUA has arrived at the bar or club late in the evening and has little time remaining before last call.  It is risky maneuvre because, due to the lack of effort put into each individual approach, it is likely that the PUA will face several harsh rejections prior to achieving success. Multiple rejections in such a short timeframe could leave the PUA's confidence shattered beyond repair.

Dude #1: "Dude, why the fuck have I seen Andy talking to ten different women in the past five minutes?"
Dude #2: "It's almost last call, and he showed up late, so he's resorted to implementing the Shotgun Approach."
Dude #1: "That's a risky maneuvre bro, I hope he knows what he's doing."
By Jeanette
Unicorn Approach
The Unicorn Approach is a business phrase for handling those times when your boss is asking for the impossible and/or making completely unrealistic demands. Often, when they are demanding this, they resent any "negative" feedback. You can smile and say "Sure boss, we'll apply the Unicorn Approach to that and get right on it."

Strictly defined, the Unicorn Approach is pretending that all will be well in fantasy land, where it's rainbows and sunshine all the time. And Unicorns frolic. It allows the poor shmuck being asked to deal with the ridiculous, ludicrous demands of egotistical bosses with a bit of humor. Sure, it doesn't fix the problem but honestly - you can't fix it anyway so at least you can smile a bit!

Boss: You need to triple your sales this month. It doesn't matter that there are multiple blizzards, there are no sales people and your facility is under renovation. NO EXCUSES! Manager: Sure boss, we'll apply the Unicorn Approach and get right on it.
By Heddie
Redneck Approach
usually involves a shotgun or duct tape.

scenario: someone stole a mt. dew from your fridge

Normal person: what the hell man?
redneck: *boom!!!*
that is the redneck approach
By Vivien
Approaching Dresden
When you are in great need of a poo of epic proprtions. Said poo will be so destructive to the toilet that the carnage will be similar to that inflicted on the german town of dresden by allied bombers during world war 2. Therefore your bomb bay is full and you are 'approaching dresden.'

Guy 1: ''Why do you look so uncomfortable''
Guy 2: ''I'm busting for a crap. Seriously, it feels like I'm approaching dresden here.''
By Hallie