Define Killing Myself Meaning

Killing Myself
what i say when i constantly think of suicide

Boy: ugh finals week.
Girl : brb killing myself.
By Louisa
Kill Myself
The common quote said after one performs a blasphemous act, therefore embarassing him/her self.

George: Yo we're going the wrong way.. where's my house?

Non-Idiot: Your in it.

George: Oh god. Kill myself.
By Sally
Kill Myself
when people hurt you and disrespect you, act like your nothing and trample you. They hurt you and treat you like a dog and sometimes the can hurt you physically and emotionally so i decided that i dont want that anymore and i am going to drink bleach and end my suffering

as i drank the cup of bleach i feel the poison and i finally kill myself.
By Nadeen
Kill Myself
An alternate way of saying "I don't like this situation!"

The same as Kill Me, which is usually never taken in a literal sense and only used to express the frustration of a current situation.

Teacher: You got a ten!
Student: Out of ten?
Teacher: Out of two-hundred!
Student: Kill myself!
By Shannah
Kill Myself
something you shouldn’t do ☺️😘🤩😻💞✨💫🌞

mom said i shouldn’t kill myself, so as always i ignored her! 🥰
By Quintana
Kill Myself

Bianca: I wanna fucking kill myself
Bella: WHy?
Bianca: because i read quackitysmut

Lisa: I read it every night
Ami: BITCH!?
By Lotti
Time To Kill Myself
You say this when you see something so cancerous, it makes you want to kill yourself. Can also be used in a good way.

Well, I just met someone who believes women don't have rights. Time to kill myself.

(used in a good way), I just watch the Angry Birds movie. Time to kill myself
By Cathrin
I Kill Myself
An expression/idiom for when one is overly amused with ones own humor.

Zeus: "Hades, you should take it easy or you'll work yourself to death. Hahaha, get it? To death! Haha, I kill myself."

Comedian: "Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 ate 9. Haha, I kill myself sometimes."
By Eda
Gunna Kill Myself

My life is shit so gunna kill myself
By Kristan
I Can't Kill Myself
A term Nigerians often use to justify their tiredness or hesitance to do more than they have already done. A phrase that has become a handy excuse for lazy people.

The phrase however, is the first portion of the refrain in a famous song by Timaya with the same name. The song insidiously grows on you, crawls into your ears and lays musical eggs in your brain.

Amaka: Seyi, will you attend tomorrow's meeting?
Seyi: No, i won't. I can't kill myself.
By Carilyn