Define Lmbo Meaning

Laughing my butt off. A less dramatic version of LMAO.

I fell off the cliff and died.
By Jaquelyn
lmbo: samething as lmao unless the b is used differently. Ex. lmbo: laugh my boobs off, laugh my balls off or just laugh my butt off

person1:omg i fell down the stairs person2:lmbo
By Anabal
a healthy alternative to lmao/lmfao to use in schools in case the teacher finds out you're passing notes and reads it to the whole class

claire: I am having my period.
abby: lmbo
By De
Laughing My Butt Off, used in IM conversations.

Pete: Did you hear the joke of the llama and the kangaroo?
Rose: Yeah, I did, lmbo
By Randy
laughing my butt off. another way of saying lmao (laughing my ass off) w/o swearing.

guy: he's trying to steal my woman.

guy 2: lmbo
By Shellie
Acronym for "Laughing my black off". Popularized by Mike Turpinseed Jr. in early 2013.
Something so funny, that you lose skin pigment.

"Mike Turpinseed Jr. is one funny mothafucka!"

By Dory
short for lmao but for ages 13 below. laugh my butt off

lmbo noice one
By Merrilee
"Laughing my butt off"

"Laughing my boobs off"

"Laughing my balls off"

They're all implying the same thing; you're laughing incredibly hard. It's often a replacement for "lmao" (laughing my ass off) for people who prefer not to curse in their interweb acronyms.

Person A: *tells a funny story*
Person B: LMBO
Person A: wait, but you're a girl, you don't have balls!
Person B: it can also mean "laughing your boobs off"
Person A: what if you have neither? (somehow)
Person B: then it can mean, "laughing your butt off"
By Cristie
when you laugh so hard your balls shake and then fall off

chapelle is a funny fuck
yeah remember when he did rick james
By Dasya
before it meant "laughing my butt off"
but now the meaning has changed to "laughing my BOOBS off"

guy: that was so funny
girl: yeah i was lmbo (laughing my boobs off)!
By Bamby